WHO: The United States does not want the reform of its financing

The United States, the main donor to the World Health Organization (WHO), does not support proposals to make the agency more independent. This position raises new concerns about the Biden administration’s continued support for the international institution. A working group within the WHO working on questions of its long-term funding is considering a substantial increase in the annual contribution of each member state, which does not seem to satisfy Washington.
In addition, the American government is opposed to the reform presented at the beginning of January, because it is concerned about the ability of the WHO to resist pressure, particularly from China. Instead, the Biden administration favors the creation of a separate fund, directly controlled by donors, that would finance the prevention and control of health emergencies. Four European officials involved in the talks confirmed to Reuters the opposition of the United States. The funding plan unveiled by the WHO foresees that the mandatory contributions of member states will gradually increase from 2024, so that they will represent half of the agency’s base budget of 2 billion dollars. , by 2028, compared to less than 20% currently.

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