News Who is to blame and what to do?

Who is to blame and what to do?


Korean SUV has not yet had time to start sales, but has already been marked by a scandal.

KIA Seltos expected the arrival of the Russian market like manna from heaven: profile bloggers, not yet having the chance to “live” get acquainted with the Korean crossover, sang praise odes to him, drivers stood in line for pre-order and test drive of the expected news, and motorists on social networks and Thematic forums started serious “wars”, trying to predict what fate awaits the Seltos in Russia.

It would have been “quietly peaceful,” everything continued until the official start of sales of KIA Seltos, if one of the popular reviewers had no idea: to test the car on such easy terrain that even any Lamborghini would drive there thanks to the rear differential locks. It is said – done, a crossover with a CVT went into the forest, drove a couple of hundred meters and froze. As it turned out, the variator broke in the car.

The reaction of the Korean auto giant was immediate. In an attempt to figure out as soon as possible who is to blame and what to do with it, the press service in the Instagram comments claims that KIA Seltos was allegedly operated in conditions for which it was not intended, which completely contradicted all the recommendations of official dealers.

In the end, it all comes down to what is to blame – the blogger himself, who is trying to “denigrate” the Korean brand by producing actions that contradict the manufacturer’s recommendations. The consequences of these same actions, say KIA representatives on social networks, a blogger with a broken variator specially demonstrates in the review so that everyone understands how bad everything is with the Korean CVT.

This position of the Korean press service, however, did not go unnoticed by ordinary Russian motorists. They noticed that complaints with KIA were most often either left unanswered, or the answers turned out to be so hard to pull. And now, it was worth a serious breakdown on a new car to resonate, as the Koreans “turn arrows” on the driver, although he just drove along a gentle hill. To paraphrase the famous dictum, the KIA policy boils down to the fact that “I’m not me, and the checkpoint is not mine.”



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