Who can celebrate the championship this weekend

The 2021/22 football season is fast approaching its end. This weekend, May 14th and 15th, the penultimate matchday is coming up in the football district of Wrzburg. Several decisions can be made on the sports fields:

Landesliga Northwest

FC Geesdorf emerged as champions from a season with two parts (preliminary round and championship and qualifying round). The people of Geesdorf already celebrated two weeks ago after a win in Haibach (4:3). Behind them, TuS Rllbach can book second place with a win over Coburg this Saturday (4 p.m.).

District League East

Second chance for DJK Dampfach (1st/56) to win the championship ahead of SV-DJK Oberschwarzach (2nd/50). At least one point in Forst must be achieved this Sunday (3 p.m.).

District League West

No matter how TuS Frammersbach (1st/66) at FV Gemnden/Seifriedsburg and ASV Rimpar (2nd/66) play at home against Buchbrunn-Mainstockheim this Sunday, the champion will only become champion on Friday, May 20th. awarded Because the two top teams meet directly on the last day of the game in Frammersbach. TuS won the first leg 3-1.

Kreisliga W 1

This Sunday (3 p.m.) the top game between SV Heidingsfeld and SC Schwarzach will take place in the Herieden sports park. Whoever wins can very likely celebrate the championship at the end of the game. The first leg ended 4:2 for Schwarzach. In the event of a tie, Schwarzach will go into the season finale with the better cards.

Kreisliga In 2

SV Birkenfeld (1st/67), who won the direct comparison (5:3, 1:2) with pursuers TSV Eisingen (2nd/67), can only become champions if TSV beats at home on Saturday Altfeld loses and the leader wins at home against FV Steinfeld/Hausen-Rohrbach the next day. However, a championship decision is more likely on Sunday, May 22nd, the last day of the game.



District class W 1

After a sports court decision and the three points awarded, SV Krnach was able to officially claim the championship title. Behind them, TSV Grombhl (2nd/44) and SG Randersacker (3rd/44) and, with very little chance, SB DJK Wrzburg (4th/40) are still vying for second place.

District class W 2

SpVgg Giebelstadt (1st/52nd) can already scoop the championship this Sunday (3 p.m.) with a draw against FC Kirchheim (3rd/47th), since FC Hopferstadt (2nd/50th) is without a game on this matchday and the direct comparison would decide in favor of Giebelstadt in the event of a possible tie (1:1, 3:1).

District class W 3

At FV Stetten/Binsfeld-Mdesheim, the championship was already celebrated after a 5-1 victory over Wernfeld/Adelsberg: on the Mdesheim sports field, in a Stetten pub and in a garden until dawn. The decision for second place, which five teams can still achieve, will probably not be made until the season finale on May 22nd.

District class W 4

A 0-0 draw in Veitshchheim was enough for TSV Homburg to win the title last Sunday. After returning home to the wine town in the south-west of the Main-Spessart district, a carnival float went through the town, followed by a party in the sports club, which was not over the next day. SV Waldbrunn, who still need a point from their only remaining game on May 21 against Oberndorf, have the best chances for second place.

A-Klasse W 1

The FT Würzburg are champions and are promoted to the district class: That has been certain since last weekend and an away win (4:0) at Grombhl II. Behind them, TSV Rottenbauer has already secured second place.

A-Klasse W 2

SV Tckelhausen-Hohestadt (1st/61) advanced in the catch-up game on Wednesday evening against Eibelstadt II (8:0) and thus increased their lead over pursuers FG Marktbreit-Martinsheim II (2nd/57). With a win on Sunday (3 p.m.) against Ippesheim (3rd/54), the red-whites from the two Ochsenfurt districts would definitely be champions.

A-Klasse W 3

FV lkemspor Kitzingen already celebrated the championship last weekend by beating Dettelbach and Ortsteile II in Euerfeld (3:2). As a result, the explosiveness of the home game against the pursuer TSV Mainbernheim this Sunday (3 p.m., Rotwei-Platz am Bleichwasen) was taken away. The guests can see it too: they’re sure to have a place in the relegation round.

A-Klasse W 4

SV Kist has been allowed to call itself champion since last weekend. Behind them is FV Bergrothenfels/Hafenlohr in second place, since SV Trennfeld can still draw level on points, but can no longer overtake due to the direct comparison (5:1, 3:2).

A-Klasse W 5

The title contenders TSV Neuhtten-Wiesthal II (2nd/55) and TuS Frammersbach II (1st/61) face each other on Sunday (1 p.m.). Since the TSV-Reserve won the first leg (2:1), the guests still need a draw for the championship in the game in Wiesthal.

A-Klasse W 6

FV 04 Würzburg II (1st/48) goes ahead of FC Thngen (2nd/46) and FV Bachgrund (3rd/46) in the penultimate matchday, with Thngen due to the away goal rule (1:1, 0:0) wins the direct comparison with Bachgrund. However, a decision in favor of the Zellerauer could only be made if they win their home game against DJK Wrzburg II on Sunday (3 p.m.) but Thngen and Bachgrund only draw in their games.

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