White House has new resident: Willow the cat | Abroad

The office of First Lady Jill Biden announces the arrival of two-year-old, gray and white striped, short-haired and green-eyed female cat Willow. The name is a reference to Willow Grove (Pennsylvania), where the later university teacher grew up. Willow has “plenty of room to smell and explore” in the White House, said spokesman Jill Biden.

The cat made a big impression on her in 2020 when the animal jumped on a podium during the election campaign and interrupted her speech. When the cat’s owner saw the direct connection between the two, he immediately realized “that Willow belonged to Dr. Biden,” the spokesman said.

In December, the Bidens welcomed a new dog into the family, the German Shepherd Commander, who was then four months old. Their dog Champ died earlier last year. Major, a German Shepherd the family adopted before the move to the White House, has been relocated after several biting incidents.

President Joe Biden has been in the White House for a year now. In the podcast Worldly! foreign reporters Thijs Wolters and Frank van Vliet take stock:

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