Which Spider-Man could replace Tom Holland’s for the future of the MCU?

Marvel is far from done with Spider-Man, but maybe Tom Holland is. He says it, it is time to move on to another representation of the Weaver.

Spider-Man : No Way Home offers a nice conclusion to all Spider-Man movies by bringing together the character’s iconic enemies in one movie. Something long awaited by fans, which Marvel and his good friend Sony have finally achieved. But after this epic conclusion, Wouldn’t we be fed up with Peter Parker? For Tom Holland anyway, it’s time to say goodbye to Spider-Man.

Even if it is difficult to see clearly between the different speeches of producers announcing a new trilogy Spider-Man, then a single film, and Tom Holland saying he wanted to settle down and start a family. Still, the latest Peter Parker has explained his point:

“I’d love to see a future in Spider-Man that’s more diverse – maybe with a Spider-Gwen or a Spider-Woman. We’ve had three Spider-Man in a row, we’ve all been the same. to see something different. “

Tom Holland quotes female versions of Spider-Man, which in his universe is not lacking. Valiant and with rich histories, many of them deserve to take over, just like other male versions of Spider-Man. So who would be most likely to follow up on Spidey in the MCU? (We obviously put aside the Spider-Monkeys and other crazy versions).

Choose your Spider-Man


Very popular in the comics Jessica Drew / Spider-woman got her birth powers after her mother, pregnant with her, was bitten by a mutant spider. Thus, it has the classic capabilities of a human spider namely agility, strength and increased speed, as well as projections of electric rays and the ability to fly, the routine. Spider-Woman is respected by all superheroes, which earned him his place in the Avengers and SHIELD. His reputation is damaged during the invasion of the Skrulls, these aliens can change appearance, because their leader takes his appearance. Finally, Spider-Woman is one of the very few superheroes to be pregnant, and to continue to fight crime.

His notoriety in the comics, and his role as a natural leader requires Marvel to introduce it. Moreover, a project is already underway by Sony with Olivia Wilde in the making. Rumors have it that she was arriving in the MCU before having her own movie at Sony. His involvement in the Skrulls invasion of Earth makes his introduction even more possible when you see a series Secret Invasion adapting this event is in production.

Spider-Woman : photoIt must stir in there


Bitten by the same spider as Peter Parker, Korean-born girl Cindy Moon has become Spider-Man’s female equivalent. Sadly, she finds herself locked in a bunker for ten years to prevent Morlun, the inter-dimensional vampire from finding and killing her. Freed by Parker, she finally enjoys the world, until all Spider-Man’s in the Multiverse are in danger because of Morlun and his family. Silk becomes essential in this event and shows his brash and adventurous side, making his character endearing. Especially since her powers differ from those of Peter Parker, since she can create canvases of her forearms and fingers, and has claws.

The “good news” is that Cindy Moon is already in the MCU, in the guise of Tiffany Espensen in Spider-Man : Homecoming. It would be a shame to leave Silk in the rank of cameo, especially when the Spider-Man actor begs to be replaced. However, a series Silk is already in preparation by Amazon Studios, with Tom Spezialy (the series Watchmen) as a showrunner, raising concerns that the character is not part of the MCU.

Silk : photoSilk entoillée


Taking the place of Peter Parker in his world, Earth-65 is Gwen Stacy who is bitten by the radioactive spider and Parker who dies after creating a serum transforming him into a Lizard. She decides to do justice in the streets of New York, like Spider-Man in the main Marvel Universe, before meeting the other versions of Spider-Man in the event. Spider-Verse. The success of this first appearance will allow him to have his own series of comics exploiting his alternate universe very quickly.

Present in Spider-Man : New Generation and its sequel, Spider-Gwen is already known to the general public, to introduce her into the MCU in the guise of Emma Stone would also be a madness possible thanks to the magic of the Multiverse scenario. However, with two versions already in previous Spider-Man adaptations, we can bet that the studios will want to play the novelty card. However his first fights are against the Caïd which gangrene New York (in his universe it is Matt Murdock), with the arrival of Wilson Fisk in the MCU in Hawkeye, we could hope for a meeting.

Spider-Man : New Generation : photoSpider-Gwen dans Spider-Man New Generation

Miles Morales

Miles Morales is the most famous and popular version of Spider-Man. The African-American character already has his successful animated film adaptation (Spider-Man New Generations), as well as in the very good video game Marvel’s Spider-Man : Miles Morales, and will be in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in which Peter Parker will be his mentor. In the comics, his youth and inexperience recall the early adventures of Peter Parker, unconfident and clumsy. Morales is willing to do well and takes inspiration from his hero, Spider-Man, so he’s a perfect character to take over from Spidey smoothly.

His coming to the MCU seems more and more possible since his uncle Aaron Davis (Donald Glover) is already present in Homecoming, and that a reference is made to Miles Morales in No Way Home. For his latest Spider-Man movie (if that’s the case), it would be a nice conclusion to see Tom Holland form the new Spider-Man, making the film a soft-reboot of the character.

Marvel : photoThe master and the apprentice

Superior Spider-Man

Probably the most daring version of the character since Doctor Octopus manages to exchange his mind with that of Peter Parker. Thus, the villain finds himself in the body of the Weaver, while the young hero dies in that of his worst enemy. And from there, it goes into a great run for Spider-Man since The Doc decides to become a better version of the hero and renames himself Superior Spider-Man.

The hero’s life is turned upside down, his modus operandi too, Superior Spider-Man becomes a more violent vigilante, who is not afraid to be popular and plays the press to increase his notoriety. Professionally, he also accomplishes much more than Parker since he founded his tech company.

This story could see the light of day if a Doctor Octopus were in the MCU, with the version of Alfred Molina brought back thanks to the Multiverse, doors open. We will not tell you if, after viewing No Way Home, they closed. Rewriting in depth the universe of the character, this comic book series deserves to be adapted to the cinema. Especially since the MCU’s Spider-Man rubs shoulders with many heroes who would play on Superior Spidey’s personality change.

Marvel : photo

A Spider-Man who isn’t afraid to hurt

Each new intervention by producers Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal or actor Tom Holland only adds fuel to the fire of theories, to the point where we no longer really know who to listen to. Holland does raise an interesting point though, there were too many Peter Parker and it’s time to make room for other characters in Marvel’s Weaver niche.

With Spider-Man : No Way Home currently in theaters, you can still enjoy Tom Holland as Spider-Man, especially since it won’t be his last time, Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige warned. In any case, we can only invite you to read our review of the film made for fans above all and to watch our video debate.


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