News Which immigration procedures were suspended in the US due...

Which immigration procedures were suspended in the US due to the coronavirus pandemic


He decreed social isolation by the government of U.S for avoid the propagation of the coronavirus he has affected to most of the migratory processes. But there is Some what can still be doneAlthough the information, policies and protocols may change at any time.

According to a note from Univision, he government has not declared a moratorium of the judgments from deportation from detained immigrants in the detention centers of the Immigration and Customs Control Service (ICE). Since the emergency started, lawyers, judges, politicians Y organizations have request suspend lawsuits for avoid infections. In most of the cuts that operate in detention centers lawsuits continue developing, despite the warnings from avoid he social contact.

On the other hand, the government has ensured that test, preventive exams Y treatments for the coronavirus that request the immigrants, with or without documents, will not affect them in the future in the determinations of public charge.

The new rule public charge that entered into force in February, indicated that the foreigners using public funds would be punished when they asked for any immigration benefit, including the home. Due to the pandemic, this ban was temporarily lifted until the emergency ends.

The Office of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) suspended the all procedures with the public in all its dependencies at the national level. From March 18th and for at least two weeks, the agency federal put in quarantine all procedures where there is interaction with clients to avoid infections by coronavirus.

Hundreds of tourists from all over the world remain stranded in the United States because of the flight suspension and the border closure because of the pandemic. However, the migratory processes is it so suspended. The best is Send a certified mail to ICE to renovate the validity from his tourist visa and not remain illegal in that country.

The suspension temporary procedures with the public at USCIS too affected the taking from biometric footprints, a key process for the agency renewfor example the work permits of the dreamers. Organizations they support you they ask the government that all employment authorizations what expire in 2020 are extended automatically by one year.

He March 20 the government announced the closing of the borders with Canada and Mexico for all non-essential junctions. Measure it affects mainly to tourists and immigrants who arrive in search of asylum, who in the face of the quarantine decreed to avoid covid-19 infections, are not being served Y returned to the country through which they traveled to the border.

In the case of those foreigners what they entered to the United States as tourists without visa (Visa Waiver Program -WPV-), lawyers consulted by Univision they recommended that, in case the residence permit expires within the quarantine, they must request a renewal using form I-539.

He ICE says what will reopen their offices on April 7, unless the quarantine is extended. Between the suspended services temporarily it include the interviews for the citizenship, permanent legal residence (Green card) and fingerprint.

He March 18th ICE ad a moratorium on raids and assured that your agents I only know will focus in those foreign with criminal record. In a document delivered to Congress and to which he had access Univision, the federal agency assured that during the crisis of the coronavirus “ICE will not carry out operations compliance at or near from healthcare facilities like hospitals, medical consultants, health clinics accredited and care facilities of emergency or urgency, except in extraordinary circumstances

“People they should not avoid seeking medical attention because they fear the application of the law civil immigration, “said the agency, noting that the immigrants, with or without papers of legal stay, they should not hesitate to seek medical help if they fear being infected with el coronavirus.


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