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NOVA.id – The government sets the price cooking oil 14 thousand applies in all regions of Indonesia since last Wednesday (19/01).

Policy cooking oil subsidies cheap prices from the government are enforced for the next 6 months.

The Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (BPDPKS), has prepared funds of Rp 7.6 trillion which will be used to finance the supply of packaged cooking oil for the community of 250 million liters per month or 1.5 billion liters for six months.

However, just a day after it was announced, people were competing to get the cooking oil subsidy.

This high enthusiasm caused several large retailers to run out of cooking oil stocks.

Though the government has urged the public not to panic buying.

“It is hoped that the public will not buy (panic buying) because the stock of cooking oil is very sufficient,” said Trade Minister Lutfi, as quoted by Antara. Kompas.com.

But don’t worry because NOVA Friends can still buy cooking oil elsewhere.

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The following are a number of retail members of Aprindo other than Indomaret to get cooking oil of Rp. 14,000:


-Papaya Fresh Galery

-Tomang Self-Service Toll

-Dragon Supermarket


-Lotte Mart

-Super Going


-Hero Supermarket

-Asia Department Store

-Alfa Midi

-Transmart Carrefour

-Yogya department store

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The leaders of Indomaret and Alfamart have also promised to stock up on subsidized cooking oil.

Meanwhile, traditional market traders or MSMEs will be given a week to adjust this price.

“Traditional markets will be given 1 week to make adjustments to this policy. This policy will take effect from Wednesday 19 January 2022 at exactly 00.01 local time,” said Lutfi.

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