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‘Where is the rebate?’ These are the prices of the cars that CIMEX will put on sale


The state-owned company CIMEX made public in its social networks the prices of the cars whose sale begins on February 25, and includes 17 models for sums ranging between $ 34,000 and $ 90,000.

According to the list published by the corporation, once the 10% price reduction has been applied to vehicles already sold since 2014 in CUC, the cost of each will remain as indicated now.

The new prices, effective as of February 25, are indicated in Freely Convertible Currency (MLC), while the previous ones were expressed in convertible pesos (CUC).

# Start of Sale25February

Official list of available cars and sale prices

Published by Corporación Cimex.SA Oficial on Friday, February 21, 2020

Previous prices had already been considered abusive by Cubans, especially in the case of models that have several years in the market and second-hand cars. The new ones have also aroused visceral reactions.

“What rebate are they talking about?” He wrote in the forum of the CIMEX publication Ubaldo Hernández. “Do not be fooled, in the end if you pay it in dollars (USD), the supposed 10% that you are being reduced is the same that you will get when they apply tax.”

“That is in the supposed case that a relative sends you the money. If you have to buy it for you on the street at 1.10 or 1.20 USD, make your accounts and they will see how much you get the cart. And to top it all, they are cars used and super old. “

“I have faith that my one-and-a-half-year-old son can buy one to take me to hospitals in my old age, the same faith my father had in me, but he has not been able to make it happen,” his commentary.

Meanwhile, Osmany de las Cuevas Rodriguez ironized: “It was cheaper in CUC. I always knew it. I had a lot of fun watching the pile of delusions who let themselves be deceived and hold false hopes.”

The sale of modern cars, a claim of decades of the Cubans, was announced by the Government in early February, as well as the decision that residents in the capital of the Island can import new cars in freely convertible currency (MLC).

According to Iset Maritza Vázquez Brizuela, first vice president of CIMEX, the cars can be ordered from “the marketing agencies themselves where the sale is made in convertible pesos. Initially,” he said, “we will start only in Havana and then expand to other territories when all conditions are created to serve customers. “

The import will be carried out “from the order that the client makes to the agencies, as established since 2014,” he said.

Officials reported that Cubans will soon be able to import parts and pieces of cars, always through government companies.



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