“Whenever you can, exchange fear for faith”

On February 14, 2020, Sheila Casmar did not have a bouquet of roses, a box of chocolates or a Paris trip, but was waiting for her pathology report. “There are moments in life when a revolution begins. In my case that day came, with breast cancer, but the disease was only the excuse “, explains the woman from Salamanca, who has just published the self-help book” In search of me. ” A work – where part of the funds will go to Fundación Contigo against women’s cancer Y to a project of the medical oncology service of the Hospital de Salamanca– where she not only tells her personal story of fighting cancer but also tells how she found herself, getting to know and giving herself the love she so badly needed.

Sheila was 35 years old and had two daughters when she learned she had breast cancer. “I was a hypochondriac. I have always imagined a thousand diseases. So when one day I touched a lump on my chest, I went to the doctor alone without telling anyone, ”she recalls. He began chemotherapy on March 11, coinciding for four months with the explosion of the pandemic and home confinement. “I was more afraid of the covid than of what was happening to me. I did not want to be infected and when I returned home from the hospital every week I thought I had caught it “, recalls the Salamanca woman, who instead thanked passing the treatment at home to avoid” social pressure and that pain that people make you feel. “ The hardest thing for Sheila, as she admits, was “the loss of hair, the lack of acceptance and the normalization that happens to all of us.”

For this reason, he has decided that part of the funds raised with his self-help book will go to “cold hats and glasses to delay hair loss and eyebrows” for patients at the Hospital de Salamanca. After chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Sheila Casmar underwent surgery and in July of last year she was already recovered. “Now I continue with my reviews every three months and my nerves every time there is a test,” says Salamanca, who explains that her book is not only aimed at breast cancer patients, but at all those “people who go through a process similar in which they need positive encouragement ”.

“Nothing is that terrible. We go into this with a lot of lack of information, but it can be dealt with. Positivity seems fundamental to me. Although medicine cures you, positivity is a fundamental part. My positive character has helped me. Faced with adversity, you have to look within, accept things and love yourself “, explains the author of” In search of me. “

In the book, Sheila Casmar points out five keys to carry on our “key chain of life” and achieve well-being: love, faith, gratitude, commitment and acceptance. “With love, self-love is very important. I realized that instead of giving so much to others, love begins with oneself, “says the woman from Salamanca, who highlights the turn she has taken in her own life. “Anyone who experiences something like this, be it a cancer, an illness or an accident, changes forever. We go running to all the places and we live in automatic, we do not enjoy how simple it is that it fills us. That is why it is important to find time to read because I deserve it or to prepare a bath to pamper yourself. I did not love myself at all and the principle of everything is to love yourself “, underlines the Salamanca, who from a very young age has maintained a passion for writing, to which she has now given free rein in this work that is already promoted by many celebrities in social networks.


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