WhatsApp: Will you be able to order pizza in the app soon? – NEWSZONE

With the new WhatsApp “Business Nearby” function, it should be possible to order a wide variety of products – including food!

That shared the portal “WABetainfo” With. Accordingly, there should then be a search bar on WhatsApp, under which you can find companies and shops in the area. But that’s not all: You can then, for example, write to your favorite restaurant and order pizza and co. Directly via WhatsApp. Bars and drug stores can also be found there.

How does this work?

The new WhatsApp function should run via a business directory. So if you search for bars, for example, you will be shown all bars that are in the directory. here you can see what the function should look like then.

However, the function is still in the test phase at Meta. It should definitely come with an ipdate. It is not yet known when “Business Nearby” will be available for every WhatsApp user.

In the chat on WhatsApp, send your buddy money and settle his bill. This is exactly what works in the USA.


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