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WhatsApp It was created in 2009 and at that time it was not yet owned by Facebook, all change in 2014 when said company decided to buy the application for a total of 1,900 million dollars. During that time, the messaging platform used Apple’s emojis, but, since 2017, they broke that link and began to create their own emoticons, which to date number more than 3,000. Although some icons have a certain similarity, they all have a different meaning, therefore, this time we will explain the difference between the two faces that shed tears from their eyes.

These two emojis mainly differ by a detail that stands out more among all, one is from the front and the other from the side, the first one in mention is the most used of all the 3 thousand emoticons, this according to the information provided by , a web portal that is responsible for counting the number of times the icons are shared.

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The one that faces the front was created in 2010 and they called it ‘Face with tears of joy’, it is shown in yellow, raised eyebrows, closed eyes shedding tears at the sides due to laughter, open mouth, on some platforms it shows upper teeth and tongue. This emoji is used to express that something has been very funny or pleasant. In addition, it was named by Oxford Dictionaries 2015 as the most used emoticon on all platforms between 2011 and 2021, reported .

The one on the side was created in 2015 and they called it ‘Face rolling on the ground laughing’, in appearance they differ for two things: that it is tilted and the eyes are in the shape of Xs (X or> <). This emoji is shared to convey that something has been extremely funny, as it represents a hysterical laugh and more intense than its twin 'Face with tears of joy'. On most platforms this icon leans to the right and sometimes to the left.

Emoticons of the face shedding tears (Photo: Emojipedia).

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