WhatsApp is working on a new tool to blur the sensitive parts of your photos

WhatsApp developers are sinking their elbows based on good. The well-known instant messaging application, the most widely used in Spain and with more than 2,000 million active users worldwide, is implementing new features to improve the platform.

The portal WABetaInfo has discovered that in the beta for Android a new function has been introduced to blur images in the integrated image editor of WhatsApp.

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More features for editing images

This new tool should make sharing screenshots and photos easier, as it allows you to blur sensitive parts before sending them. This function is especially relevant when sending documentation photos, data of any kind or even intimate images.

Until now, in order to send these photos without revealing sensitive data, any pencil had to be used to cover the information that was not wanted to be shown. Although it is not a very safe option, since by editing the image you can discover what is under the doodle.


You have to be careful with some of the photographs that are sent


On the other hand, in the new version of the beta, two new drawing pencils have also been added, for a total of three, in the WhatsApp image editor. The icons indicate that the new pens may offer wider tips, allowing you to draw or scribble thicker lines on images or videos. Currently, the messaging app allows users to change the color of the pen, but there is no option to increase or decrease its thickness.

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WhatsApp new measure

As is often the case when these new features are discovered, it is not yet known when they will become available to all users. In this sense, before being implemented definitively, they will first have to be tested in beta.

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