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WhatsApp it is one of the most used applications in the world. However, unlike Telegram, this one does not have the option to create surveys within the same app. Although we do not know if this will be implemented in the future, there is a trick to doing it today.

If you want to ask your coworkers, family, friends, if they want to have lunch for a certain plate of food, the color of a party in Zoom, the time they will hold a virtual meeting, etc., then you should try these steps of WhatsApp.

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Remember that the application now belonging to Facebook has implemented new functions such as the possibility of activating messages that disappear in 7 days if they are not read.

Likewise, improvements are being added to the communication system, such as video calls and calls in WhatsApp Web.


To be able to carry out surveys in WhatsApp It is not necessary to download third-party applications and generate that all your friends also have it on their device. Here we will explain how to do it without programs:

  • To start you must enter .
  • On this website you can enter the name of the survey.
  • Then put the options you want, you can be between two or three.
Learn how to create a poll on WhatsApp using Poll.fr. (Photo: MAG)
  • Finally, you must define how long your contacts have to be able to respond to the survey.
  • When you create it, you will see a link. Just share it in your WhatsApp conversations.
  • At that moment, your friends must enter the link and respond.
  • The best part is that you don’t need alternate programs.


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