Business WhatsApp: how do You charge commissions for making money...

WhatsApp: how do You charge commissions for making money transfer?


The pay-per-WhatsApp surprised many as it will allow users to send and receive money with just select some options in the messaging application. With this the users will be able to send money back to their families and friends at no extra cost.

However, not all the news is good for those who use the function in a commercial manner, because the businesses that use it to collect sales and to promote their products, will apply to service fees

The owners of the business have the possibility to send, receive and request money through the platform of WhatsApp. However, at the time you receive the money for sales, the application will charge a slight commission.

This transaction has a cost of 4% per sale and this value will be subject to changes that depend on the commercial value of the products as well as the financial situation of the various banks of the country in which it is the business. This function would be activated through Facebook’s Pay in the section “Get paid for to come out.”

Payments will be via credit or debit card details. Photo: Pixabay

WhatsApp has enabled this feature only in Brazil and in india, where users can send and receive money from their family and friends without additional cost. And the only ones that pay a concept are the shops that want to sell through the app.

The limit for shipments of money will be approximately $4,300 pesos per transaction and you will receive 20 transactions per day with a fixed limit of 22 thousand mexican pesos.

These transfers are made to charge your debit card with which the instant messaging application has and will be done through Facebook Pay.



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