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WhatsApp is one of the applications that many like to use to be able to converse with all their friends, as well as family and a variety of contacts around the world. Through the app you can send all kinds of documents in Word, PDF, Excel and multimedia content, as well as stickers, so you can joke with the ones you want.

But in WhatsApp It is possible to add emojis to all your conversations so that they have a better appearance and express in greater detail what you want to say in text. Did you know about the yellow heart? Well this is what you have to know.

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The yellow heart emoticon, like the black one, has an implicit interpretation that you can know right now without making a mistake in sending it to someone in the future.

That is why today we will teach you what the yellow heart of WhatsApp and what is the correct time to use it without having some kind of complication with a person you do not know.


Many think that it is a lucky heart and it is that Yellow Heart, popularly known as yellow, has nothing to do with fortune and good news, on the contrary.

According the yellow heart means “best friends” after quickly becoming popular on Snapchat. In this application, the yellow heart is also used to indicate that you like a video.

The yellow heart of WhatsApp is in the objects section. (Photo: MAG)

On the other hand, in popular culture, the yellow heart of WhatsApp is related to a symbol of bad luck. Likewise, it is also indicated in Emojipedia that this symbol is linked to the New Year.

Yellow Heart was approved as part of in 2010 and added to in 2015.


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