What the new Flixtrain timetable Berlin brings

Flixbus and Flixtrain will soon be serving more destinations again – and Berlin will also benefit from this. When presenting its summer timetable, the company Flixmobility announced that new cities would be integrated into the route network. Train stations that were not used during the corona pandemic will soon be back on the schedule. By the summer, the number of stops served should rise to 70. Accordingly, the green trains will also travel to Dresden for the first time – arrival from Berlin is possible.

The Flixbus long-distance buses should now head for 270 stops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “We are convinced that people’s desire to travel will increase significantly in the coming months, and we will have an extensive range ready for them – regardless of whether they live in the country or in the city,” says André Schwämmlein, co-founder and CEO by Flixmobility. Tickets for the new connections can be booked now.

In six hours from Berlin to Stuttgart

Germany’s largest private long-distance train operator is also increasing its service to and from Berlin in April. On the FLX10 route to Frankfurt am Main and Stuttgart, the train that leaves Berlin in the afternoon now runs every day of the week. So far he has only made the almost six-hour journey to the south-west three times a week. The morning train runs on Mondays as well as Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, which is also an improvement. Compared to the ICE trains of the Deutsche Bahn, the journey times are competitive, with the state railway it takes five and a half hours from Berlin to the state capital of Baden-Württemberg.

The range of trains on the Flixtrain line FLX30 to Hanover and the Rhineland will also be increased this month. There, too, up to two trains a day in each direction will have additional days of service, according to the summer timetable. The afternoon trip to Cologne will run daily in future. On the eastern branch of the line to Leipzig, a trip is scheduled at noon on three days a week. What is new is that Flixtrain is now also heading for Dresden – albeit at a time of day when there are usually only a few travelers on the move. On Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays it goes there at 9:36 p.m. from Berlin Central Station.

No start date for the European Sleeper to Brussels for the time being

There are also significant improvements on the FLX35 line, where there are again three journeys in each direction between Berlin and Hamburg on Sundays, for example. Leipzig is served on this route four days a week. Furthermore, Flixtrain does not offer any trips on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on this line.

As reported, another private provider wanted to launch a new night train connection between Prague, Berlin, the Netherlands and Belgium this summer. Destinations include Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Brussels. However, the company European Sleeper, which works together with Regio Jet from the Czech Republic, is no longer giving a date for the start of train operations. “In many aspects we are ready to go, but some things still need to be sorted out,” said Chris Engelsman of European Sleeper when asked by the Berliner Zeitung.

New connection from Berlin to the island of Bornholm

Another connection, which is interesting for tourists, will be in the direction of Denmark. According to information from the Berliner Zeitung, the start is May 21, 2022. From this day on, the Sassnitz/Mukran ferry port will be served by regular passenger trains again. Every Saturday, two regional trains run in each direction between Bergen auf Rügen and the port station – each connecting to and from the ship to Bornholm. This creates good transfer connections, also between Berlin and the Baltic Sea island. For example, if you leave Berlin Central Station at 9.46 a.m. with the ICE, you will arrive in Rønne at 6.15 p.m. with the “Poul Anker” according to the plan.

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