What! Tabledance bar radio advertising is said to be “discriminatory” – BZ Berlin

The judiciary no longer wants to let the puppets dance! A whistleblower complained to the Senate administration about a radio advertisement for the legendary table dance bar “Golden Dolls” in Mitte.

The allegations are sexism and misogyny. According to the administration, the name of the bar is already discriminatory. The strip club’s lawyer now counters with a comparison to the “Augsburger Puppenkiste”!

On August 23, 2021 at around 4:45 p.m., the whistleblower heard the following sentences on Radio Energy: “… also for your bachelor party and your company party. Click golden-dolls.de”.

His complaint ended up with the Berlin jury against discriminatory and sexist advertising. She is attached to the judiciary. The panel of experts reacted harshly. In a letter to the manager of the table dance bar (available in the BZ), it says:

► “Groups of men in a professional context – in particular a male boardroom or management level of companies – are addressed”.

► “In addition, company celebrations in a table dance bar can contribute to increasing discriminatory or sexist behavior in the respective work environment, since such a visit can encourage men to reduce women to their sexuality.”

► “In addition, it is noticeable that the name of your table dance bar, namely ‘Golden Dolls’ or ‘golden dolls’, strongly objectifies women and suggests their constant sexual availability.”

The bar on Potsdamer Straße is known throughout Germany for the series
The bar on Potsdamer Straße is known throughout Germany for the series “4 Blocks” (Photo: Mario Firyn)

“Yes, my client advertises company parties,” says lawyer Khubaib-Ali Mohammed. “But not just for executive floors or just for men.” A mixed crowd celebrates in the bar. The interpretation of the advertising was “completely wrong”.

The lawyer: “Even the criticism of the name is unjustified.” Dolls are a generic term. In the “Augsburger Puppenkiste” dolls of all sexes were in the performance.

“The name is therefore not objectionable – but the conclusion of the jury is,” says Mohammed.

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