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what really happened with singer maksim


Singer MakSim recently, it makes her fans seriously worried and upset. The star, according to the public, is not going through the best of times. Well, the message that the artist was leaving the stage had the effect of an exploding bomb. And if the celebrity’s assistant explained this step to her ward with health problems due to the accident in 2019, then the scandalous columnist Lena Miro called a reason of a different nature.

Singer MakSim stops all performances and goes on indefinite vacation. This statement was made by assistant artist Margarita Sokolova. She apologized to the fans of the star, as well as to the organizers of her performances. But nothing can be changed.

Due to worsening health problemsrelated to injuries sustained in an accident in 2019, and on the insistent recommendations of doctors, we decided to leave MakSim on indefinite leave for an indefinite period starting today. I ask you to treat the situation with great understanding and show respect for the artist as you always did, “Sokolova addressed to users of the social network on the blog.

After such troubling news, fans MakSim lost peace and sleep. They leave hundreds of messages, wondering what really happened to the idol of millions. After all, most recently, the public discussed how changed a lot their favorite.

The scandalous blogger Lena Miro suggested that the blame was not for the problems associated with “injuries sustained in the accident” possible addiction of the artist in alcohol. “No, I’m not saying that MakSim is an alcoholic. But very much on her similar. Not every woman has a characteristic edema characteristic of alcoholics. Not every woman is faced with weight gain, which is also characteristic of women drinking, “- argues Miro on the blog.

Lena continued to develop her thoughts and stated that she was very sorry for the artist. However, she noted that when a person appears at the workplace while intoxicated, he is fired.

“This, I suspect, happened to MakSim. Tired of her libations, the producers simply kicked the singer out on indefinite leave for an indefinite period. Moreover, MakSim is not Montserrat Caballeand yet a singer with the mouth of the level of “singing cowards”. For “singing underpants” it is very important to have a body on which any underpants sit well. MakSim lost this body. Most likely, she drank and had a bite, “the observer did not rule out.

“Golden Gramophone Award”

Note that recently MakSim really looked not the best way. What did the performance of the performer at the Golden Gramophone music award in November 2019 cost? Then the audience was shocked by the swollen face of a star. According to eyewitnesses, the vocalist barely moving around the stage.

In social networks, the public wrote that MakSim had a painful look. The reason for the swollen face was alleged by some as the consequences of unsuccessful experiments with appearance, while others suggested that the singer was reflected in the appearance terrible car accidentin which she suffered in the spring, so now the singer is undergoing hormone therapy.

Recall that the accident occurred on a slippery road. The artist was abroad and was in a hurry for a flight to Moscow by car. However, her driver lost control. Shortly after the accident, MakSim admitted that she received severe bruises, she swollen legs and she is the first time could not speak. “Only in the clinic did I realize how the body literally aches. Just a shock. At first it was impossible to even touch the feet. The jaw that hit the main blow really hurts, “the artist shared her misfortune.



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