Technology What products are presented today?

What products are presented today?


Apple holds its developers conference WWDC because of the Corona-crisis of today, for the first time as an Online Event. At the annual event traditionally, there are first information about the future Software of iPhones, iPad Tablets and Mac computers.

Big news could be in this year of Transition from Intel processors to Chips of its own development for the Mac computers. It is already speculated for years that Apple the Macs wool to a switch to the same Chip architecture, with the help of the in-house processors work in the iPhones and iPads. Now the company wants to give early notice to the Software developers time to adapt their programs before in the next year the first Macs with the new Chips coming on the market, wrote the financial service Bloomberg.

The iPhone as a car key?

Also, as always, new features and Apps for the iOS operating system of the iPhones are likely to be presented. According to Reports in Tech Blogs could include the function “CarKey”, you can use the iPhone as a car key. In the process, therefore, the NFC communication chip of the device is to be used, which is also used in contactless payment. According to media reports, Apple will allow iOS 14, that users of third-party Apps as the default-set programs – so, for example, that web links in Chrome or Firefox instead of the in-house Safari-open browser.

New App capabilities and Hardware

Apple also has a new Fitness App, as well as a fresh application for augmented reality is expected. In the case of “Augmented Reality” (AR) will be displayed virtual content on the screen in the analog reality. This function is to be expanded, so that it is, for example, in shops the iPhone camera at a product and matching information gets displayed.

A year ago, it was speculated also that Apple could bring out a small Bluetooth device that it is attached to, for example, to a keychain. So that can be the subject of places if one has moved him. The already in this business, the providers Tile before throwing Apple after the first Reports about the plans of unfair competition.

Criticism of Apple’s market conduct grows

While Apple celebrates the WWDC conferences, and Innovation, came to a head this year, just prior to the Event, the controversy surrounding the rules in the App Store of the group. The EU Commission initiated following a complaint by the music service Spotify will be a competition case against Apple. In doing so, the fees that the group earns on the sale of digital services and content. Spotify criticized the levy of 15 to 30 per cent on the subscription proceeds discriminate against him, because Apple get a as a platform operator with its competing service Apple Music the total revenue. In addition, a dispute over the E-Mail App “Hey”, Apple could from the Download Store exile is not inflamed, because they sold their Paid-subscription in the application itself.

Usually, the number of participants at the WWDC is a few Thousand limited – and Apple must be giving away the around 1,600 US dollars, expensive Tickets among the many interested parties. This year, all of the App can participate-developers free it. The opening Keynote with an Overview of the news (from 19.00 clock) will be broadcasted live to the public. Facebook and Google had their developer conferences this year fail.



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