What Is The True Meaning Of Free Fire? Not Just the Name of the Games – Also Learn the Terms and Flow of the Game

Anytime PlusFire free become a topic that is often discussed among young people today. Not only young people, some teenagers and adults also talk about it a lot. Although it is considered a popular thing, the fact is that there are still many people who do not know what free fire really means.

In general, free fire is known as one of the most popular online-based games lately. Among the players, free fire is also often referred to in the form of an abbreviation, FF. Free fire itself is a game that carries the theme of battle royale, such as PUBG, Fortnite or ROS (Rules of Survivor). Therefore, Fire free is fun to play with friends.

Fire free is indeed popular among young people who are fans of online games. However, outside these circles, some people are still unfamiliar with what fire free means. If you are one of those who are still new to free fire, there is no need to worry. Summarized from various sources, here are reviews that can make you understand better what fire free is.

1. What Does Free Fire Mean

As mentioned earlier, free fire is a game with the concept of battle royale. But apparently, the term free fire didn’t just appear when the games were released. The term free fire turns out to have its own meaning regardless of the games. In common English, what free fire means is free fire. This is then in accordance with games that contain a lot of shooting action.

Besides that, in the world of online games, free fire also has its own meaning. More specifically, the term free fire is often used in games that carry the theme of battle royale. The term free fire appears when a player shoots an enemy without any protection.

2. Overview of Free Fire Game Groove

What free fire means is also often interpreted as one of the esports that combines two game genres, namely battle royale with TPS (Third Person Shooter). As a game with the concept of battle aka war, free fire can be played by 50 players in a wide match landscape.

Each player must compete to beat each other, in order to survive and emerge victorious. In addition, players must try to collect weapons and medical equipment during the war. As for the weapons and equipment, they will be dropped from aircraft which launches the airdrop.

To get the airdrop, players must find a vertical yellow light line as a marker. The light will dim and disappear when the items in the airdrop have been taken completely. In addition to fighting to beat each other and fighting over weapons, players must also always be vigilant. Especially, when the player encounters a danger zone marked with a red circle.

Based on this explanation, it can be concluded that free fire is a battle royale game that is thick with struggle. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people think that free fire is not just an ordinary game. For some of these people, what free fire means is to play and learn to fight as hard as you can.

3. Terms in Fire Free

Apart from going through a brief explanation of the flow above, understanding what free fire means will not be complete if you don’t learn the special terms in it. Yes, as a popular game, it turns out that there are some special terms commonly used by players. Some of these terms include the following.

1) Bot: a term used for AI that comes into play to fill one of the player’s unfilled slots.

2) Boost: a term commonly used to refer to players who have average skills.

3) Camp: a term to refer to a place that is guarded by a team.

4) Cheat: a term to refer to players who use illegal programs.

5) End: a term for ending a game.

6) Flank: a term for a method of attack that begins with an attack from an unexpected angle or direction.

7) Heal: a term to describe the process of restoring HP so that you can play safely.

8) Headshot/HS: term to refer to a shot.

9) Loot: term for the process of retrieval of goods

10) Support: a term to refer to a role whose job is to help the team in various ways.

11) Shooting: the term used when the player shoots with a gun.

12) Revive: a term for the method that you must do when another squad member is knocked out.

13) Push: a fighting method where you will try to advance and push the enemy back.

14) Play zone: the place or location to play.

15) Red zone: the danger zone that players avoid the most.

16) Blue zone: the place that has the best loot.

That’s among them an explanation of what free fire really means. Hopefully useful and can increase your knowledge!

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