What happens if my credit card is misused?

A credit card it is made of plastic. For this reason, it is very easy to scratch or suffer any type of damage. But, What happens if it is mistreated?

Many people fear that their credit card will be unusable due to a mancha or a rayon. The truth is that there are many myths around this type of situation.

Next we will tell you everything you need to know regarding the use of a battered credit card and the care you should have with it.

You must protect your card chip at all times | Photo: Pexels

To begin, we must clarify a situation. A damaged card does not lose its validity before any institution or establishment. You can use it as long as the chip is in good condition.

So, if your credit card has usage marks, nothing happens. The only thing you should always protect is the chip of it. Therefore, it is recommended not to clean it or intervene in any way.

Now, although you can use your damaged card (unless you have lost a piece completely) without any problem, it is also true that there are elements that you must protect. As we have already mentioned, scratches and stains are not cause for alarm.

Your card’s security code can be easily erased, preventing you from making purchases online | Photo: Pexels

However, use may also erase the financial information printed on the plastic. Especially you security code, which is a non-touch sensitive item.

If the security code is cleared, you will not be able to use your card to make purchases online. In this case, there are two solutions: learn the code by heart (Well, you should never write it down anywhere to avoid misuse of your credit card) or request a replacement.

In conclusion, a battered card works as long as the chip and your bank information are in good condition. The rest of the plastic has no major implications.

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