What are the NFTs that Twitter activated for the profile image of its users?

What are the NFT? We explain this new function that Twitter announced for the fprofile shots of its Twitter Blue premium plan subscribers on devices running the iOS operating system.

Twitter announced the integration of non-fungible tokens (NFT) as profile pictures of users, but what does this mean and what is it for?

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Its promoters defend that NFTs will revolutionize digital art / Photo: Pixabay

What is an NFT?

Twitter fulfilled its promise to integrate its paying users with the NFT like your profile pictures, this technology, also known as non-fungible tokens.

To understand what this means in a nutshell, an NFT is a digital certificate that is used to record ownership of an asset such as a piece of art or a collectible.

Abbreviations NFT allude in English to token no fungible, which refers to a digital asset that cannot be consumed or replaced.

They are registered through a smart contract that assigns them a unique number, which gives their owner peace of mind against possible replicas.

This registry contains the data of the owner and the creator, which allows the copyright to be preserved equally.

In short, an NFT can be an image, a graphic, a video, music or any other digital content that someone wants to have possession of.

In the case of Twitter these “unique” files, usually PNGs, they can be acquired by users of the premium plan of the social network, buying with cryptocurrencies to use them as sole owners of said image and use them as a profile picture.

User with NFT

Although some NFT owners already displayed such images in their profile pictures, it was to this day that Twitter made it official.

Additionally, this new Twitter Blue feature will display an icon indicating that the NFT has been authenticated and that the person who owns that account is also the official owner of that digital asset.

Remember that if you want to be part of this community of NFT and Twitter and wear an original profile picture You must be a member of the Blue community of the social network.

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