Weather. Two regions of the globe now uninhabitable for humans

The addition of high heat with humidity makes certain terrestrial regions almost unbearable for humans. This is what the IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – announced in its latest report to be released on August 9. after the distribution of extracts via theAFP.

Two regions are particularly affected by this phenomenon of “Wet heat waves” Where “Wet thermometer” : Ras Al Khaimah aux United Arab Emirates, in the Persian Gulf and Jakobabad in Pakistan.

Natural thermostat

“When the air is dry, […] we are able to withstand extreme heat, 60 degrees, up to 100 degrees if it does not last too long, explains journalist Valérie Heurtel. The body is equipped with a natural thermostat, which has the role of maintaining the temperature at 37 degrees. In contact with dry air, sweat evaporates, and it is this evaporation that refreshes us, she specifies. In air saturated with humidity, sweat has difficulty evaporating, resulting in the body overheating. “

Irreversible consequences for humans

What are the risks to a body that exceeds 37.5 ° C? “The temperature inside will start to rise, […] we can start to have vision problems, dizziness, neurological disorders, it can end in coma, convulsions, and it can lead to serious cardiac or renal complications ”, explains Dr Laurent Uzan, sports cardiologist at France 2.


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