News Weather report for the 17.06.2020: Short break for showers...

Weather report for the 17.06.2020: Short break for showers and thunderstorms


Dear Users,
We, the media group RTL Germany, are constantly working on our digital products
to optimize for you and as perfect as possible on their interests to cut.

We therefore ask you to release the following measurement options:


It is our goal, our product as perfect as possible on your wishes and needs. To do this, we want to use your data, for example personalized information, or specific Features that facilitate the use of our services.


Advertising is an important part of a free Online product. Here, we want to use your data in order for you more interesting advertisements. In addition, a precise control of the consumer helps us to information, the measure of funds to advertising for you to keep in a tolerable frame. The playout of personalized advertising necessary data, we give here also
our customers and Partner agencies.


In order to improve our products constantly and to recognize the interests of our users, we need data for the analysis of user behavior. Here, we anonymized the data, but always and/or aggregated from.


The popular Social Media Features (e.g. Facebook Login) not only make the Login easier and more convenient, but to submit our offers with interesting, up-to-date content, such as Social Media Feeds, etc. To be transferred from the respective platforms data to us, we want to use for the above-mentioned aspects. You are Social in General, of the respective
Media network informed in advance exactly which data will be transferred to us.



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