News Weather in Germany: first dream temperatures, then a bitter...

Weather in Germany: first dream temperatures, then a bitter turning point at Easter


Now spring really starts: The temperatures reach unexpected highs all over Germany. But there is also bad news.

  • Germany is experiencing a changeable spring.
  • After snow* and minus degrees is now little prospect of improvement.
  • The weather in Germany starts with good news in Holy Week. Is the weather at Easter so nice?

Weather in Germany: is it already summer? Temperatures up to 25 degrees – dampers at Easter

Update April 6, 2020: Late winter probably starts in some parts of Monday Germany With Minus temperatures. In the mountains, however, it is a little more spring-like thanks to the inversion weather. But the sunny and dry weather continues at the beginning of the week. On Monday there are already maximum temperatures of up to 20 degrees. On Wednesday, 25 degrees (!) Are possible in the west and southwest, says meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather service Q.met With.

“There are between 11 and 13 hours of sunshine every day. Hardly anymore at this time of year, ”said Jung. Will the Easter bunny bring a big egg – perfect weather – at Easter? According to the weather expert, “Keywan” could run out of steam. Rain and hearty cooling are possible. There is still some time until Easter Sunday. It remains to be seen whether the weather models will continue to be correct.

The weather forecasts for the next few days:

  • Monday: 17 to 23 degrees, often sunny and dry, cloudless
  • Tuesday: 15 to 25 degrees, in the northwest a few clouds, otherwise lots of sun and dry, very warm
  • Wednesday: 17 to 25 degrees, warm early summer weather with sunshine and a few clouds
  • Maundy Thursday: 16 to 25 degrees, mix of sun and clouds, short showers to the north are possible
  • Good Friday: 11 to 24 degrees, slowly colder in the north, more clouds overall, sun in between, mostly dry

The sunny spring weather with temperatures up to 25 degrees lasts from Wednesday to Good Friday, according to the German Weather Service (DWD). At night, the DWD is currently warning in the south of light frost at temperatures near the ground to minus 5 degrees.

Weather in Germany: dream temperatures at the start of the week – but there is bitter news about Easter

Update April 5, 2020: In terms of weather, the start of the new week leaves nothing to be desired: There are lots of sunshine and early summer temperatures. According to the German Weather Service (DWD) are temperatures up to 24 degrees possible. Only on Germany’s coasts does it stay a bit fresher because of the cold surface of the sea, said the DWD on Sunday.

Germany weather: Even on Tuesday sun and more than 20 degrees

The reason for the mild weather: the high pressure area “Keywan”, which has now shifted its focus to Eastern Europe. Deep “ranidia” then brings cooler air into the northwestern half of Germany during the night on Tuesday. But no need to worry, because this will not last long, the meteorologists predict. The low must “give up soon and dissolve,” they predict. It will also rain on Tuesday hardly give and become local again Temperatures of more than 20 degrees are expected.

At the Wednesday probably brings that High “Loris” lots of sunshine. This is established across Central Europe, which is why the DWD recommends the “grip on protective sunscreen”. Until Good Friday, the experts believe a change in the weather is unlikely. The downside: the Forest fire risk increases continue.

Germany weather: does the rain come at Easter?

However, meteorologist Sebastian Altnau announced that that Easter weekend with some wet from above to counteract this. This is good news for the forests, but not for ambitious Easter egg hunters. Not only the current corona restrictions may apply, but also those Weather conditions cloud Easter. But that remains wait and see. It is currently still a bit early for precise predictions.

Update April 4, 2020: We were actually looking forward to spring – but the weather seems to want to skip this time of year! As of Sunday, the temperatures should go up steadily – and we will be spoiled with sunshine. According to meteorologist Anna Groebel von even give the first day of summer – namely with temperatures of at least 25 degrees! She currently forecasts 24 degrees for Wednesday and Thursday, especially in western and southern Germany. But a degree more would still be possible, says Groebel. It would then be officially summer weather for meteorologists.

Already on Sunday it will be warm at 14-22 degrees, on Monday 17-23 degrees are expected. For the Corona virus containment In Germany this could be a problem, because with these fantastic views during Holy Week, more people will certainly want to go on excursions again. Stay at home, so stay at home becomes even more unattractive! Now reason is required …

Germany weather: storm gusts on Friday

Update from April 3, 3 p.m .: The cold front of a storm low over Finland has reached the middle of Germany, where it is expected to dissolve by Saturday, like that German Weather Service (DWD) predicts.

On Friday afternoons and evenings, the Baltic Sea coast can be too Storm gusts come. The German Weather Service warns of speeds of around 65 km / h, which should occur initially from the south-west and later from the west. In addition, storm gusts of around 80 km / h must be expected near the showers and in exposed locations.

Furthermore, the DWD warns of frost in large parts of Germany. In isolated cases, it can also result in smoothness due to freezing moisture. From Saturday, a first summer weather phase should start in Germany. Up to 12 hours of sunshine are predicted in some areas.

Weather map shows threatening picture: Official warnings almost everywhere in Germany

Our first announcement from April 2nd: Munich – The spring showed up in Germany so far from its most changeable side. One day is sweetened with wonderful sunshine and the next suddenly there is snow again. It really wants to stabilize itself the
Weather* – who would have thought – probably not in April either.

Weather in Germany: Official warnings! Card shows threatening picture

A look at the weather map for Germany confirms this fear. More than half of the republic is yellow underlaid, that means official Warnings*. It currently exists in almost every state. Only Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt and North Rhine-Westphalia are spared in part or even entirely.

Germany weather: what do the official warnings mean?

Fortunately, it is Not extreme storms. The all-determining yellow tone looks threatening, however, there is no acute danger. Nevertheless, it is becoming uncomfortable in many places.

Weather in southern Germany: warning of frost

In Southern Germany, especially Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, action is now required. At least if the potted plants survive should. The German Weather Service warns from Munich via Stuttgart to Thuringia Erfurt frost.

Northern Germany: Weather warning of strong gusts

The north stands meanwhile no cold at night before, but the light garden furniture should still go back to the shed or basement. Be between Bremen and Itzehoe Storm gusts* with up to 70 km / h expected. Be north of it even faster gusts sweep across Schleswig-Holstein.

Germany: The weather is likely to remain uncomfortable and changeable for the time being

If you believe the farmers’ calendar, you have to focus on the real ones anyway Spring has arrived be patient. According to this forecast, the entire first half of the year should become quite rough, cold and uncomfortable. For many, the traditional forecasting tool is pure humbug, but the past has shown that Predictions are not easy to sweep under the table.

List of rubric lists: © dpa / Oliver Berg


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