We know the first Dacie Jogger awards. For such money, it can be another hit

The official price list of the new Dacie Jogger is still awaited, but some information has been leaked to the brand. And according to them, it is clear that Jogger may be another bestseller. The giant station wagon should cost around 350 thousand crowns.

The Jogger is the indirect successor to both the Logan MCV and the Lodgy minivan, and the Dacia invented the foxes – they simply combined both body types, raised the ground clearance and added a few rough details.

A practical hybrid of SUV, station wagon and large family MPV was created, which can have up to seven seats, runs on petrol or LPG, and over time a hybrid is said to be added.

Jogger thus has all the prerequisites to become another sales hit of the Romanian brand.

This is confirmed by the first price lists, which escaped before their official publication. Dacia seems to continue to direct her pricing policy under the motto “a lot of music for little money”.

According to the price list, which is said to be intended for the German market, the cheapest version of the Jogger will cost 13,990 euros, ie about 356,000 crowns. For a large family car with station wagon length, MPV spaciousness and SUV attributes, it’s a very decent price.

The interior layout of the Jogger allows up to 56 different configurations, thanks to three rows it can carry up to seven adults. It is said that Dacia will want a little over 20,000 crowns in all trim levels for the seven-seater version.

With its 4.55 m, the Jogger is the longest car in Dacia’s offer. The trunk volume is 708 liters in the five-seat configuration and 160 liters in the seven-seat configuration. In the five-seater version, the maximum load capacity reaches 1,819 liters when the second row of seats is folded down. In the seven-seater version, the load capacity is 1807 liters if the second row is lowered and the third row is removed. The third row can also be folded down to the second row bench, which can also be folded.

Basic prices of individual equipment:

– Essential: € 13,990 (approx. 356 thousand crowns)

– Comfort: € 15,690 (approx. CZK 400,000)

– Extreme: € 16,690 (approx. 425 thousand crowns)

– Extreme +: € 17,490 (approx. 446 thousand crowns)

Under the hood will have a supercharged gasoline three-cylinder TCe 110 with direct fuel injection with a power of 110 hp, which is combined with a manual six-speed transmission. On a new 200 Nm engine, Dacia introduces innovations to increase performance, improve consumption and reduce emissions – variable valve timing, variable oil pump, integrated exhaust pipe, particulate filter and direct injection.

The second variant is the TCe 100 LPG unit for gas and petrol. The 40-liter LPG tank fits into the reserve area, complemented by a 10-liter larger petrol tank. Together they allow a range of over 1100 km. Mixed consumption is around 7.6 l / 100 km, when driving on LPG the Jogger emits an average of 10% less CO2 emissions than the corresponding gasoline engine.

The range of engines from 2023 will be complemented by a hybrid version based on a 1.6-liter petrol engine supplemented by two electric engines. Jogger will be the first model of the brand to use hybrid technology. It is also the cheapest seven-seater hybrid on the market.

We could already know the official Czech price list of the Jogger on Wednesday, but the resulting prices will probably not exceed the “German” prices significantly. In most cases, Dacia in the Czech Republic has lower prices than in Germany or France.


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