World "We have to allow more infections!" - B.Z. Berlin

“We have to allow more infections!” – B.Z. Berlin


Contact blocked for another three weeks! Clinic director Ansgar Lohse (60) from the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) fears that these measures will have serious medical consequences.

“Caring for mentally ill people has become more difficult, the family situation in confined spaces harbors extreme potential for conflict and an economic crisis has a direct impact on mortality. The longer the measures last, the more. “

Lohse therefore warns to think about alternatives. “Without vaccination, which will not come before 2021, the uncontrolled spread of the virus can only be stopped if a sufficient number of people develop immunity. Otherwise, the epidemic will flare up every time we relax the measures. We have to allow those who are most harmless to immunize themselves first with an infection. ”

The infectiologist admits that this goal of herd immunity is a delicate undertaking. It was also discussed in the UK and the Netherlands, but was rejected. Only Sweden still has a lot of freedom.

Opening daycare centers and schools – protecting the elderly and carers

But Lohse is convinced that ways should and could be found to control the development of immunities by dealing with the virus as safely as possible. “Both children and most of their young parents do not belong to the risk group. The faster this group goes through an infection, the better. Kindergartens and schools should therefore open again soon.

At the same time, we have to better protect the real risk groups. We still have too few measures for old people’s homes and outpatient care. Every caregiver must wear a protective mask. “

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Which measure can be loosened exactly and where has to be differentiated and weighed up – for example, based on the epidemic and the hospital capacity of a region. Lohse: “In the coming months, it will probably also play a role that tests can be used to identify people who have already had an infection and are therefore immune.”

The doctor does not see himself alone with his position critical of the government’s approach. “I am in discussion with many colleagues from very different disciplines who think similarly. We agree that we can’t just look at Corona. In the long run, we would otherwise cause too much damage. “

And further: “Many people will suffer and die because other hospital beds will be reduced, because social and medical services will no longer work, because people will be lonely and others will have to be crammed together, because careers and livelihoods will be endangered.”



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