“We are two games away from playing Chelsea”

We imagine that it will be physically the most complicated for you to hold in this competition…
“We are going to play against professional teams and for sure the level is well above ours. Now it’s up to us to prepare well with the time we have left. But we are not going to complain because we are obviously very happy to play this type of meeting, we will adapt as best we can. What is also certain is that we will not go on vacation there. If we leave it is to best represent our club and our country.

Have you been able to watch some videos of your opponent?
“Yes a friend gave me links so I could watch their games. It’s a good team with a lot of lively players. We know what to expect and once again it is up to us to prepare well for this meeting.”

In your team you also have quality and experienced players like Alvin Tehau, Jonathan Torohia who can be good relays and leaders for the youngest….
“In the group, there are indeed players who have a lot of experience. But the most important thing is that we play as a team. I have a really good group this season with a good mix between young and old. The mayonnaise took well. On the quality of my players, I don’t worry too much. What worries me is the state of freshness that we will have once we arrive in the Emirates.”

You had a long and successful football career in Tahiti, not to mention your journey with the Tikitoa, but you never had the opportunity to play in a Club World Cup. We imagine that you would have liked to be in the shoes of your players today…
“Yes it’s sure. With my assistant Maheanuu Gatien we played a lot of tournaments with Pirae. Already winning a ticket for the Coupe de France in our time was already a small feat for us. Today our young people may have the opportunity to play against Chelsea, because we are two games away from playing Chelsea. I say to myself “wow”, how lucky they are. I hope they are aware of it because it is really extraordinary. And that gives extra motivation because we could never have imagined having the opportunity to play against such a team.


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