Technology watchOS-Update for Apple Watch out of locks a lot...

watchOS-Update for Apple Watch out of locks a lot of eSIMs


Apple is offering its Smartwatch for a number of generations in a WLAN and a LTE Version. The LTE model of the Apple Watch is a lot more expensive, thanks to eSIM, but almost independently of the iPhone to operate. The electronic SIM cards are now the bulk of the German mobile phone Provider available – both major network operators, as well as the smaller suppliers, whose tariffs are usually cheaper to.

Apple only allows eSIMs of the network operator

However, those owners of an Apple Watch, no mobile phone contract with Telekom, Vodafone or Telefónica/O2, have a look in the tube. Because the latest Update for watchOS locks those eSIMs of the mobile Discounter Drillisch group, reported iPhone-Ticker. You can’t with the Apple Watch use.

As Apple tells, whether the use of an eSIM from winSIM, yourfone, PremiumSIM or the other with the Apple Watch never been officially provided. But for a long time you were without restrictions in the Smartwatch use. Now this is different, however. Apple want to bring-Watch-owners of your watch to the network, you need a mandatory eSIM Telekom, Vodafone or O2. Because only these companies are in the marketing of the Apple Watch with the manufacturer, an official cooperation received. Annoying, however, is that providers offer for their Prepaid rates no eSIM Option. Users only the handle to the more expensive term contracts, therefore, remains.

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watchOS-Update is forcing many users to change

In the context of the current Changes in the compatibility of the eSIMs shows Drillisch as head of the brands PremiumSIM, winSIM, and further, in General, accommodating. Customers with the Multi-SIM Option to the current watchOS can cancel the Update, mostly for free, and save yourself the surcharge. However – if you want to operate your Apple Watch, still independently, you can not get around a contract exchange. Because Apple writes in the terms and conditions of use of his Smartwatch: “The mobile operator needs to be on the iPhone and the Apple Watch the same and You need to log in to the network of your provider when You the mobile on the Watch device.”



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