Warren Buffett is investing billions in these 3 technology events

Who can’t teach a new trick to the old billion? The key to being a great investor is the ability to change your views according to current conditions and the willingness to learn. In recent years, the company’s investment portfolio Berkshire Hathaway stle astji pidvaj shares technology companies, because Buffett and its portfolio manaei se pizpsobuj nov economy.
Spolenost Apple broke for the Berkshire tradition
dn company did not help Buffettovi beautify his resistance to technologim included Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). In 2016, Berkshire took a modest position of around 1 billion in this smartphone manufacturer dollar and pokraovala in opportunistickm nkupu action. At the end year 2020 Berkshire owned more than 5% of the company worth 120 billion dollar.
Apple is based on etn performance action Berkshire, then provided tm 90 billion dollar nerealizovanch profit – ie not more than 50% of the total unrealized profit in the Berkshire stock portfolio.
Due to the huge thorn capitalization of the company in vi 2.5 trillion dollar it is mon who uviteln, ale Apple it is also a driving force behind. Society Apple in its last quarters vsledcch she scored an analyst and said trby o 36%, e.g. trby pipadajc on the flagship iPhone jumped 50%. It is okay that it did not impress investors and shares were slightly sold due to the comment that the lack of ip will affect the sales of iPhones in the fifth quarter.
Even if the sale is started, the growth rate will come from the subscription and slueb with you mar. CEO Tim Cook is aggressively looking for ways to monetize more than a billion iPhone users. Pestoe had a turnover of 275 billion dollar, long – term growth of pbh society Apple zstv nedoten.

Berkshire will not sweat due to the slowing growth of the Amazon

Pestoe spolenost Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has been one of the most efficient in the last decade action with a mega-chapter, Berkshire lasted a while, not passed.
Buffett in response, he showed his uprising self-righteous joke, when he called himself an “idiot” that he did not buy Amazon two, and at the same time made it clear that the purchase did not work. Berkshire recovered quickly and now owns this electronic giant trade according to 1.8 billion dollar.
Amazon with Berkshire da. Last year shares during the pandemic they rose sharply and strengthened by 76%. This year was difficult for the action, because shares is sotva dr over with water. Shares Amazon for the last time about vsledcch management reacted sharply after the company issued her estimate have for aunt a quarter, not many analysts expected.
Meziron compared growth bag was for Amazon always difficult, because the lots of pandemic fumes have increased the demand for e-commerce. Nevertheless, there are reasons for the above-mentioned development of society, or segments with you, such as advertising, services for tetch seller page and AWS, above show a strong pace of growth.

Snowflake is a surprising company in its portfolio

Buffett opens hls to light to value investovn and often talk about the antipathy to investing in IPO. Therefore, according to Berkshire v technologick Snowflake (NYSE: SNOW), which deals with data storage, at prices IPO such a surprise. At one point, Snowflake was trading at 200 times 12msnch have, which made it one of the most expensive technological action with a large thorn capitalization throughout the market.
Pestoe could be an upstream purchase, it was solid for Berkshire investment. From IPO v z 2020 have grown shares Snowflake by 140%, and the value of Berkshire’s position reached 1.8 billion dollar.
Snowflake’s award improved due to a 30% drop action from recent highs and a strong first quarter when trby increased by 110%. The company still trades 115 times havewhat is the value is not the average value shares. For comparison, nsobek have society Berkshire Hathaway is 1.8.
There is a reason to believe that Snowflake is ready for further growth, which could continue to reduce its value. Although cloud computing seems to be widespread in American companies, many organizations are still in the early stages of the day. Transition to cloud computing vol trby Snowflake for several years to come.
In addition, Snowflake’s user experience is sticky, which allows it to “piste and expand”. As soon as the company starts using the simplified centralized cloud platform Snowflake, it often continues to slueb and their use, as evidenced by a massive 168% of Snowflake’s net income in the first quarter. Snowflake may be at odds with Berkshire’s value-oriented portfolio, but it should ensure a decade of growth.

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