War in Ukraine – the occupiers are massively rioting and refusing to fight

In order to somehow stop the mass riots, Moscow sends “experienced punishers” to Ukraine. As, for example, General Muradov, known for his cruelty after commanding the Joint Group of Forces of the Russian Federation in Syria.

In particular, he arranges “show trials”, but even this does not change the situation.

“Well, Muradov, like, arrived, arranged a show trial. Because no one wanted to go further ahead … Well, the company officers did not want to take their boys to death. And the guys themselves were not ready. section, they put everything out of their pockets, tied their hands … loaded them into PAZiki and took them away,” the occupant tells his father.

Also, despite such demonstration performances, “refuseniks” are still later returned home.

The SBU reports that the Russian Federation does not officially recognize that the soldiers are massively refusing to fight and calls their escape “vacations.”

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