War crime: Bloodcurdling video shows execution of two civilians

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Although the war in Ukraine seems far from over, investigations into war crimes perpetrated since the start of the Russian invasion are increasing, and some of the evidence is blood-curdling.

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The CNN network has obtained images from a surveillance camera showing a possible war crime perpetrated against two civilians, two unarmed men, shot in the back by Russian soldiers.

Even if they were not in confrontation, the men were cowardly shot by the Russian soldiers who had asked them for a cigarette a few seconds before.


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The scene takes place in a car dealership, a stone’s throw from a highway not far from Kyiv, where a violent attack had just taken place.

The facts take place at the beginning of the Russian invasion, on March 19, when Putin’s troops try to reach the capital.

The car dealership, which was not involved in the battle, but was on the side of the highway, is visited by at least half a dozen armed soldiers.

Inside the store, two Ukrainian men prepare to meet the soldiers.

One of them is the owner of the business, but the family did not wish to reveal his identity.

The other man was hired to protect the scene. “My father’s name is Leonid Oleksiyovych Plyats,” explains his daughter Yulia Plyats in an interview with CNN.

She wants the world to know her name and what the Russians did to her.

The two unarmed men go to meet the Russian soldiers. They chat with them for a few moments, and then move away, not suspecting what was being prepared.


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The soldiers decide to retrace their steps and shoot in cold blood, without warning.

Seriously injured, Leonid gets up a few moments later.

He loses a lot of blood, goes back inside the business and calls for reinforcements.

He explains to the Ukrainian protection brigade everything that has just happened.


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Unfortunately, when the men of the Ukrainian army arrive, it is almost too late. Leonid Oleksiyovych Plyats has already lost huge amounts of blood.

“A man from our group went over there and the guy was still alive. He gave him bandages, tried to give him first aid, but the Russians started shooting,” said a man from the Ukrainian army.

Leonid Oleksiyovych Plyats did not survive, and the Russians shelled the concessionaire.


photo-source position-absolute"> Leonid Oleksiyovych Plyats

Leonid’s daughter was unable to watch the video, but she wants to keep it for future generations, so that what happened is not forgotten.

She remembers the last words her father said to her: “goodbye, kisses, say hello to your boys”.

***See the full report in the video above.***

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