Vogel Gryff 2022 is taking place today

Vogel Gryff, Wild Maa and Leu danced through Kleinbasel again

In 2021, the Three Honor Societies (3E) had to cancel Vogel Gryff due to the epidemiological situation. This year, the highest holiday in Kleinbasel can take place – thanks to an almost 130-page protection concept. The bz is right in the middle.

The bang of the cannons announces the arrival of the Wild Maa.

Nicole Nars Zimmer

For a long time it was unclear whether Vogel Gryff would also fall victim to the corona pandemic in 2022. Two weeks ago, however, the members of the Three Honor Societies (3E) and the onlookers could breathe a sigh of relief. The highest Kleinbasel holiday can take place today, Thursday, under Covid protective measures. Different rules apply depending on the location. For the dances, the 3G certificate obligation applies to all persons aged 16 and over. The dance on the middle bridge is only accessible to vaccinated and recovered (2G). The same goes for the pickles.

The “Wild Maa” will soon arrive with the raft. The journey takes an average of 30 minutes.

Aimee Baumgartner

The Vogel Gryff traditionally started with the descent of the Wild Maa in front of the numerous school children. Depending on the water flow of the Rhine, the trip takes an average of 30 minutes, and the raft is scheduled to land at Kleinen Klingental at 11 a.m. And the raft arrived almost exactly to the minute. The badges of honor marched off together – accompanied by the three drummers, the flag bearers and the Ueli, who collect money for the needy. Hundreds of school children cavort on the banks of the Rhine in Basel. They rush around to get the best view of what’s happening.

The first dance after arriving in the Kleinen Klingental.

Aimee Baumgartner

From there, the game went to the courtyard of the Museum Kleines Klingental, where the Vogel Gryff, the Wilde Maa and the Leu danced in front of the chairman, Griffin Master Raymond Schmid. For Schmid, it will be the last Vogel Gryff he will visit in this post.

The first dance in front of griffin master Raymond Schmid.

Aimee Baumgartner

After several more dances, one of the big highlights came up at noon. At 12 o’clock the game danced in front of the game boss in the middle of the middle bridge at the “Käppelijoch”. The Federer Express tram was also positioned on the Middle Bridge to divide the bridge in two. One of them was reserved for visitors with the corresponding 2G wristbands, the other for passers-by. The rush was great. Shoulder to shoulder and with protective masks on their faces, the visitors followed the dances behind the bars. The police officers, who traditionally wear old police hats today, ensure that the cordons are observed.

The “Leu” dances on the middle bridge.

Aimee Baumgartner

The “Wild Maa” dances on the Middle Bridge.

Aimee Baumgartner

The guests of honor and guests at the Gryffe Mähli 2022

  • dr Michael Bangert, pastor Predigerkirche, Basel
  • Adrian Baumann, personal guest of the governor Stefan Ospel
  • dr Felix P. Blumer, guild master of the Wiedikon guild, Zurich
  • Markus Füglister, General Manager Hotel Schweizerhof, formerly host Sorell Hotel Merian, Basel
  • Claudine Gertiser-Herzog, Co-CEO Oris Watches SA, Hölstein
  • Patrick Horstmann, personal guest of supervisor Tobias Leimbacher
  • Marcel Hug, Paralympic Athlet, Swiss Silver Bullet
  • dr David Jenny, President of the Basel City Council
  • Thomas Kleber, COO Hotels of ZFV Unternehmungen, Zurich
  • Vincent Laplaze, Personal Guest of Supervisor Michael Fischer
  • dr Peter Nussberger, personal guest of supervisor Roland Frank
  • dr Otto Schmid, personal guest of the writer Balz Herter
  • Philippe Sidler, Personal Guest of Chairman Master Raymond Schmid
  • Hans-Peter Walser, KKdt, chief Kdo training, deputy CdA

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