Vizzotti heads a new COFESA meeting to analyze the epidemiological situation and accelerate vaccination in children

The Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, meets virtually with her peers from the 24 Argentine provinces within the framework of a new call by the Federal Health Council (COFESA). In the conclave, which began at 15, They will review the advances in the vaccination campaign throughout the country, how the contagion curve continues with the predominance of the Omicron variant and a common strategy that allows accelerating pediatric vaccination for the start of the school year.

At the press conference he gave this Thursday the 20th at the Casa Rosada, Vizzotti announced the purchase of another 18.5 million doses from the Pfizer laboratory that will be used to inoculate children between 5 and 11 years of age. In the age group between 3 and 11 years old, 69.9% started their scheme and 46.7% completed it, according to data from the Ministry at the national level. The head of the Health portfolio stated that “the Pfizer vaccine is from the age of five, because it is the registry of the laboratory and the division of ages for clinical trials”.

Those who are less than 5 years old and up to 3 years old are applied that of the Chinese laboratory Sinopharm, the first to be approved by the ANMAT in our country for pediatric use. ”Yesterday we were at a table where we worked on the strategies to improve coverage of Covid-19 and of the entire vaccination schedule because they are vaccines that can be co-administered”, added the minister.

On the other hand, Vizzotti ruled out the requirement of a health pass so that children can attend schools, and said that although this possibility “was evaluated”, it was considered that “it is not necessary due to all the work we are doing, the demand for vaccines and the advancement of vaccination.” Vaccinating the largest number of children and adolescents with a complete schedule before classes begin at different levels is one of the main objectives proposed by the Government.

It is feasible that another of the topics that will be addressed, although initially it is not included in the agenda to be discussed, is the one that has been raised in recent weeks when the third wave of coronavirus in Argentina has been growing: the delays in the delivery of inputs that appeared in several locations to carry out tests.

The Government admitted that there are shortages, but attributed this inconvenience to delays on the part of international suppliers due to the high demand worldwide due to the advance of the pandemic. Some municipalities in the province of Buenos Aires, where the number of infections is at the highest levels in the country, began to complain about the lack of resources to test. The municipality of Chascomús, for example, directly suspended the swabs for several hours for this reason. In private health centers there were also alerts, and in different areas of the public sector they assured that they have less and less supplies.

Vizzotti admitted: “The problem with the tests is not something that happens in Argentina only. The exponential increase in the number of cases caused the demand for testing to grow in the world.” And he added that they had received “reports from some jurisdictions that purchase supplies that there are delays in delivery.” The The official assured that from the Nation they are also committed to buying supplies for distribution. “The provinces are working to receive. At this time we do not have a fault report, but with such important use they run out, and they are replaced, ”he said.

The Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, visited President Alberto Fernández at the Olivos residence this Thursday.
The Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, visited President Alberto Fernández at the Olivos residence this Thursday.

This Thursday, before the press conference he gave at the Casa Rosada, the minister had visited President Alberto Fernández in Olivos, who is preventively isolated after confirming that he was a close contact of a case of coronavirus, although in his case it is not mandatory, according to the latest health standards. Vizzotti assured that They discussed the progress in vaccination schemes and the relaxation of health requirements for transit through land borders with neighboring countries.

Vizzotti emphasized in remembering the measures aimed at restricting the number of tests: “Confirmed people who comply with isolation and are close contacts and start with symptoms do not need to be tested. A) Yes we are going to reinforce the use of the resource, based on the health indication, which requires updating recommendations based on testing,” he said.

In addition, the incidence of the Ómicron variant in the large number of cases keeps the health portfolio on alert. The numbers of recent days alarmed: Health reported yesterday that in the last 24 hours 182 deaths were recorded and 129,709 coronavirus infections. This is the fourth highest record of the entire pandemic. The three previous peaks had been on Friday, January 14, with 139,853 cases; on Tuesday 11, with 134,439; and on Wednesday the 12th with 131,082.


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