Visiting Children of HIV / AIDS, These Two Young Entrepreneurs Are Committed To Be Donors -AKURAT News

Surabaya, – Grady Letik and William Kevin, two young entrepreneurs in Surabaya, visited the Abdi Asih Foundation.

Their arrival aims to see the condition of five orphaned children who are being treated for having HIV Aids.

Like the liquid vape product that was recently produced by their company, Spiltz. The two businessmen are currently concentrating on the issue of HIV Aids.

“We are very concerned about the condition of people with HIV Aids, especially in Indonesia. The negative stigma and social discrimination have triggered that people with HIv Aids do not have a proper and proper place in society,” said Kevin.

According to Kevin, so far most people only care about victims of natural disasters. But forgetting that there are other parts of the community who also need help, such as children at the Foundation.

“We know that there are many people who care about the assistance of victims of natural disasters, provide assistance for this, but rarely see HIV Aids survivors as a category that deserves assistance. The children here are very concerned. Some of them suffer from liver, kidney and other illnesses. other. Really need help, “he added.

In line with Kevi, his colleague Grady Letik, invited millennials, especially influencers, to jointly voice concern for HIV Aids survivors such as at the Abdi Asih foundation.

“On this occasion, we also want to invite millennial influencer friends to raise the issue of HIV so that more people care, not only about material matters but also moral support for HIV Aids Survivors without discrimination,” he said.

“Because from the story of mother (Lilik), she still has to rent a house for this foundation which is worth almost 100 million per two years. She only relies on income from generous people who are increasingly erratic,” he added.

For this reason, they are committed to becoming regular donors to the Abdi Asih foundation by providing assistance according to the foundation’s needs.

During the visit, the two young entrepreneurs brought gifts in the form of basic necessities and other necessities for the foundation’s operations.


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