Virtual School of Observing Celestial Objects with the World’s Largest Telescope

Darilaut – European Southern Observatory (ESO) opens up opportunities for teachers and students to attend virtual schools observing celestial bodies with the world’s largest telescope.

This virtual tour will use the ESO telescope in Chile. The activity will take place on Friday (20/5) next week at 15.00 – 16.00 WIB.

How can mankind explore the universe, when technology only allows spacecraft to travel within the Solar System?

The answer is: by observing celestial bodies with the largest and most advanced telescope in the world.

Collect ESO is building and operating some of the world’s largest telescopes in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

The world’s largest eye, a very large telescope is there now.

To that end, join this webinar on a virtual trip to Chile to visit the ESO telescope. Through this virtual event participants can learn about the work and life of astronomers in one of the driest places on Earth.

Although the principles of how telescopes work have been known for more than 400 years, there are always new challenges to be faced and problems to be solved in the construction of ever larger telescopes.

How this is handled by ESO technicians, so that ground-based telescopes can take nearly as sharp an image as a telescope space. It will be displayed virtually.

In this activity, teachers and young students aged 14 to 19 are invited to attend a virtual object viewing event the sky.

“The space is big. You won’t believe how very, very, very big it is,” wrote Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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