Viral TikTok. “Do not take this!”; boy cries as he witnesses the seizure of his home television

the cry of a niño seeing that they took his television went viral in rsocial networks and several users sympathized with the reason for the minor’s reaction when they learned of the context.

“Don’t take her away!” the boy is heard screaming when people entered his home seize electronic devices and furniture, as described in the video posted on the profile of TikTok of the user michi.8880.

Two women try to reassure the minor, but he continues to cry, although his pleas are in vain, since the people in charge of taking things continue to disconnect the devices to remove them from the home.

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“Like when they are seizing you and they take your TV where you play Fornite,” says the description of the video where the child is heard crying.

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F for the boy

original sound – Abel

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Some comments mention that “And remember, don’t buy or borrow if you don’t have it” and “Whose responsibility is it??? If you don’t have money, don’t get into debt.”

Although most comments on the video show empathy with the childbecause they mention that “No, it’s not addiction, it’s the same reaction everyone has if they take away your favorite toy”, “Some forgot that we were children and that even the smallest thing made us cry” and “No, the education of the family is not reflected in the child, any child would react like that, if they are taking away your only means of entertainment”.

Other comments indicate that the child cried with so much feeling because the television was a gift that his grandfather had given him, or that they were devices that his grandfather, who had recently passed away, bought, so the boy tried to prevent them from being taken away.

“I saw that video a long time ago and the boy said not to take it away because his grandfather gave it to him, it could be a feeling”; In another comment you can read “He really cries because they are things from his grandfather who recently passed away.”

In another video, the boy is heard saying “Mom, why are you taking everything?”

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@michi.8880 That graduate is a complete loquillo#parati#embargosmexico original sound – Abel

The video published a few days ago on the TikTok platform already accumulates five million views and thousands of comments.

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