Viral on TikTok, this is a leaked information about Nokia Edge 2022 which is similar to an iPhone that will be released soon

NORTH TIMESEnd-end this Brand cell phone legendary Nokia viral Of TikTok because reported will quick release product new after so much long vacuum.

This leak information cell phone latest Nokia Edge 2022 which mentioned netizen similar with form iPhone.

Lots of that curious with price which will dibrandol Nokia on cell phone latest which similar with form iPhone this.

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items this will review information related price, specificationand date release Nokia Edge 2022 which currently viral Of TikTok this.

As reported North Times from various source, Nokia Edge 2022 which similar with appearance iPhone this RAM until 12 GB.

On specification Nokia Edge 2022 also be equipped with feature a dual SIM slot supported network GSM, 3G, HSPA, LTE, dan 5G.

Specification other from cell phone Nokia Edge 2022 also have screen super Amoled 6,8 inch with resolution 4 K.

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Nokia Edge 2022 this also have screen HP with protection Corning Gorilla Glass 7, with RAM 10, until 12GB, too have ROM 256 GB until 512 GB.

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