Viral Mosque Marbut Called Similar to Cristiano Ronaldo, His Smile Makes Salfok


The dignity of this mosque suddenly became the attention of netizens because it was called similar to soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. Marbut is the person who is responsible for taking care of the needs and maintaining the cleanliness of the mosque.

The viral marbut story was originally shared by the TikTok account @hobss_99. In the video, the man who served as marbut can be seen, when he smiles, at first glance he looks like CR7.

“POV: You saw Ronaldo being the leader of the mosque when he wanted to call to prayer,” wrote the TikTok account @hobss_99.

The upload has more than 7.5 million views views and immediately went viral on social media. There are netizens who say the hair is similar to Ronaldo, wrongly focused on seeing his smile, and there are those who ask that the marbut be styled like the Manchester United player when celebrating.

“Ronaldo is halal mode,” said TikTok user @dipp.

“But her smile is so cute ,” amazed account @aaddddeeeekkkk.

“This real Ronaldo ,” said the account @Mynameissihab.

“Alhamdulillah CR converted to Islam ????,” said the account @Syazwan Evans ????.

“Masha Allah, how come it’s similar this isn’t Christiano Ronaldo but Muhammad Ronaldo Assalamu’alaikum, Bang …” amazed TikTok user @Erlyn.

“MasyaAllah soleh sekaliii,” praised the @ALIN account.

“I want to hear siuuuuunya bang,” said @apam nak camera ip.

“Try to say “siuuuu” bro,” replied the @peace account.

“If Ronaldo sees this, your life can drastically change,” said the @xyzabc account.



Sorry guys, I’ve just uploaded again, because I’m busy with college assignments ????☺️

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Wolipop Confirm

Wolipop has contacted the man who is said to be virally similar to Cristiano Ronaldo. His name is Agus Habibi Dalimunthe. Agus said that he studied in Jambi every day.

“I study in Jambi. I happen to live in a mosque so I’m marbut, so I can reduce the cost of living,” said Habibi to Wolipop, Thursday (12/23/2021).

Habibi also explained that the one who recorded the viral video on TikTok was a classmate of his. He is often referred to as similar to Ronaldo by netizens.

“The video was recorded by my friend, his name is Rafli, and on his TikTok account, he is in the same class as me but in a different study program. Since September 8, posting on TikTok, many say they are similar to Ronaldo,” said Habibi.

The viral marbut mosque is similar to Cristiano Ronaldo. Photo: Doc. A screenshot of the TikTok account @hobss_99.

Previously, his friends had also said that Habibi looked like Ronaldo. “Many of my friends have said this since I was in high school,” he continued.

When asked if he felt like Ronaldo, the 22-year-old was shy in responding. “Many say smile anyway,” said Habibi, laughing.

Habibi admitted that he admired Ronaldo’s figure since he first joined Manchester United in 2003 skill His playing is good, he is also famous for his good looks and a hard worker. That’s what makes me admire him,” concluded Habibi.



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