Violent amount of infections related to Vesterålen

On a day when more than 9,000 cases were reported on a national basis and a new 24-hour record of infection was set, there were also a number of cases related to Vesterålen. It shows the overview from the Reporting System for Infectious Diseases (MSIS), which is also published by VG.

After Tuesday’s infection cases, Sortland, Lødingen, Øksnes and Hadsel are red on the infection map and have a rising infection trend.

As many as 31 cases are related to Hadsel, while 14 of the cases are related to Sortland. Lødingen has rarely had more than one or two cases in a day before, but on Tuesday there were reports of seven new cases of infection that can be related to Lødingen. Andøy is listed with three cases and Øksnes with one.

Bø is without new cases on Tuesday.

55 cases in one day are among the most that have been linked to the region in one day during the pandemic.

VOL points out that MSIS’s figures are based on a registered address, while the figures the municipalities operate with address the municipality’s inhabitants. Figures may therefore vary.

During the last 14 days, there have been 184 cases of corona related to Vesterålen. With the new cases from Tuesday, Hadsel stands with 80, Sortland with 49, Øksnes 27, Andøy 14, Lødingen 12 and Bø with two cases.


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