News Violence in Dijon: third search for weapons in Grésilles

Violence in Dijon: third search for weapons in Grésilles


A new weapons search operation, the third in less than a week, was carried out this Wednesday early in the morning in the sensitive district of Grésilles in Dijon Côte d’Or), following the violence that occurred from 12 to June 15, said the public prosecutor, Eric Mathais.

Like the last excavation, which had led to nine arrests on Monday morning, this new action is part of the “local plan of legal action against arms and narcotics” (Placsa), a substantive work which was accelerated at the following recent urban violence, said the prosecutor.

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Of the nine individuals arrested on Monday morning, the custody of a minor was lifted while the other eight were subject to a further extension for a maximum of 48 hours, until Friday morning, it was said from the same source.

Weapons and drugs seized

The operation on Monday morning had seized three dismantled rifles and bags containing between 2 and 3 kilograms of cartridges. Also discovered were tubes used as launchers for mortar fire. Small amounts of cannabis, cocaine and heroin were also seized, as well as a total of 3,150 euros.

On Friday, during the first operation, cannabis resin, a knife, 25 molotov cocktails, as well as Belgian license plates were seized. No arrest was made at the time.

These excavations follow the violence that occurred from June 12 to 15, especially in Les Grésilles, during which hooded men appeared on videos equipped with what appeared to be assault rifles or automatic pistols. The prosecutor recently pointed out that some of these images had not been filmed in Dijon.

This violence took place after a series of reprisals launched by members of the Chechen community, who wanted to take revenge on the assault of a teenager whom they blame on dealers in sizzling stones.

In the investigation into the incident, six Chechens were arrested on Thursday. Two were exonerated, while the other four were indicted, including three placed in pre-trial detention. The fourth suspect remained free under judicial supervision.


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