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VILLENEUVE-LÈS-AVIGNON “The report of the regional Chamber of accounts does not exist,” says Florent Lemont – Objectif Gard


Florent Lemont (Photo : Thierry Allard / Objective Gard)

It is a soap opera that lasts for weeks, if not months, to Villeneuve-lès-Avignon.

A soap opera around a document : a report of the regional Chamber of accounts (CRC) supposed to go in the direction of the “good management” of public funds by the majority of municipal outbound, recently very largely continued under the leadership of Pascale Bories.

A report, which the opponent then Florent Lemont – that remained after the last elections – demand production with emphasis since last January. Not satisfied by the response provided by Jean-Marc Roubaud last march, which mentioned in an e-mail a report ” presented to city Council on February 6, 2003 “, stated the conceiving, Florent Lemont has continued his research.

However, he says in a press release that “the president of the CRC, we has confirmed on Thursday 4 June via the registry that it does not exist to date of final report on control accounts and the management of Villeneuve. “ And the opponent to infer that “it is now clear that this report does not exist. ”

Jean-Marc Roubaud had mentioned, during a city council prior to the first round, a very brief report, which was on a page. And actually, this is the report presented in 2003. A document of a few lines that relates to “the years 1995 and following “, in which one can read that “during its meeting of January 9, 2003, the House proceeded to the consideration of the report tabled by the rapporteur at the end of the phases of the contradiction, and decided that it was not appropriate to make final comments in the wake of his control. “

A priorithere is nothing more recent on the side of the CRC. What to say to Florent Lemont that “the quotation, as a token of excellence, a non-existent supposed to emanate from an institutional authority is in the image of the man or woman who boasts about her skills on the basis of a fake degree. ”

Thierry ALLARD

[email protected]


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