Video of Upin and Ipin’s Viral Grave in TikTok, Is the Story True from Opah’s Imagination? Page all – The last few days have gone viral on social media TikTok a video that shows grave by the name Upin and Ipin.

The two tombstones are thought to be figures cartoon Upin and Ipin in the real real world.

Video uploaded by the TikTok account @ABI_ALONK_3110, it has been watched 32.5 million times, liked by 3.5 million people and has been commented on by more than 72 thousand people.

The video shows two small blue graves in a cemetery.

On the tombstones of the two adjacent graves are written IPIN died 02-04-1996 and UPIN died 06-08-1995.

“No wonder it’s never big, it turns out the story is based on Opah’s imagination 10 years ago,” wrote the uploader in the video.

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In addition, the uploader also wrote a comment that he got the video of the grave from his friend who is a Malaysian.

“Sorry, guys, it’s so crowded, this video is easy to get from a friend who is also a Malaysian. He said this was based on a story from a grandmother there that was revealed in animation,” he wrote.

For information, reported from TribunnewsWiki, history Cartoon Upin & Ipin was created by Burhanuddin Radzi and Ainon Ariff.

It is known that Burhanuddin had studied at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

After working for a long time, then in 2005, he got the opportunity to develop the animation industry created by the Malaysian Government.

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He created an animation producer called Les’ Copaque. As well as airing the Upin and Ipin series for the first time in 2007.

The author of the early story of Upin and Ipin is Ainon Ariff. Initially, this cartoon show was to celebrate Ramadan and educate children about the meaning and importance of the holy month of Ramadan.

However, due to the recorded audience interest of up to 1.5 million people in Malaysia, this cartoon continues to be developed to this day.


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