VIDEO MATTHEW COVID VIRAL | Reaction of a child when receiving the vaccine

Who Mateo? Many wonder who this little guy is. Well, Mateo is a boy who received the coronavirus vaccine some days ago. His reaction to learning that he would have to get a second dose later has shocked social networks.

His mother, who was the one who accompanied him, published a video of the reaction after receiving the puncture a few days ago. The 8-year-old boy is scared in the video and it is this reaction that has captivated everyone. “Tell family, I’m already vaccinated, they’ve given me the first -dose-“, the mother is heard saying in the video. Mateo at that moment understood that there would be a second vaccine” and looking at his mother and with tears in his eyes, he replies: “Wait a minute, does that mean I have to go back to vaccinate?”.

In the video, Mateo says that the prick hurt like a wasp sting.

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