Video competition of the BGL eV »Our green road is alive!«

Five years of »Save the Front Garden«: On the occasion of the anniversary of its initiative, the Bundesverband Garten-, Landschafts- und Sportplatzbau e. V. (BGL) launched a video competition entitled »Our green street is alive«.

Who doesn’t know them, the stone deserts in many a front yard? So now gardens have to be minimalist too? Planted, living front gardens are not only more aesthetically pleasing than gravel deserts, but they also offer important ecological, micro- and urban climate benefits. So far, the aspects of climate protection and adaptation, creation and preservation of living space, biodiversity and water management have been the focus of the BGL initiative »Save the front yard«. For its fifth birthday in 2022, the nationwide video competition »Our green street is alive« focuses the initiative on the social aspect of lively front gardens.

protection of biodiversity

Sabine Riewenherm, President of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN), has assumed the patronage of the competition. In her welcome address to the competition, she said: »I am very excited about the competition entries and innovative ideas. Your initiative thus makes a substantial contribution not only to bringing the protection of biodiversity closer to many people in their own gardens, but also to giving them pleasure in it.«

In addition to the BfN, together with the BGL, the NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland) e. V., the consumer center NRW, the magazine “Mein schöner Garten” and the garden TV professional Horst Mager were represented on the jury.

Show front gardens in short videos

Lively front gardens make it possible to experience nature on the doorstep: They stimulate communication in the neighbourhood, invite people to do things together on the street and in the district, increase the quality of life and social interaction in the district. They enliven the semi-public space in the living environment, are varied and … simply beautiful!

Citizens, associations, initiatives and neighborhoods are invited to show these aspects of neighborhood front gardens in short videos (mobile phone) and to present themselves. The videos should be no longer than 1:00 minutes. Editing is allowed. We are looking for short videos that show lively front gardens as a meeting place, that connect the neighborhood, create quality of stay and living spaces.

The jury selects the best three short videos. The winners will be awarded cash prizes for a neighborhood festival. The aesthetic, ecological and climatological aspects of front gardens also play an important role for the jury: a special award for plant and structural diversity takes this into account in a special way.

Video contest details

From the 4. April 2022 are applications on the site possible. There you will also find the conditions of participation and further details on the video competition.

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