Victor Axelsen Questions BAM Sanctions Against Lee Zii Jia All – The world’s number one men’s singles badminton player, Viktor Axelsen, questioned the Malaysian Badminton Federation sanctions (BAM) to Lee Zii Jia.

BAM and Lee Zii Jia’s current relationship is not harmonious.

The conflict between the two stems from Lee Zii Jia’s decision to leave the Malaysian national badminton team to become a professional or independent player.

Lee Zii Jia submitted a statement to resign from the Malaysian national training camp to BAM on Tuesday (11/2/2022) local time.

Rumors currently circulating are that Lee Zii Jia chose to become an independent player because he was unable to withstand the pressure at BAM.

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About a week later, BAM officials immediately held a meeting to discuss Lee Zii Jia’s decision.

As a result, BAM decided not to register Lee Zii Jia in the BWF tournament for two years starting January 18, 2022.

In other words, BAM blocked Lee Zii Jia from contesting.

Because every player must have permission or approval from the federation that houses them if they want to play in tournaments under the auspices of the BWF.

BAM’s decision is what Viktor Axelsen questioned.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic gold medalist indirectly assessed that BAM had abused its authority because it had banned Lee Zii Jia.

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“Imagine yourself unhappy at work right now. You’re wanting a change,” Axelsen said, quoted from his personal Twitter account.

“You then go express those thoughts to your boss and tell him that you want to quit and find another job,” says Axelsen.

“However, your boss is not happy. Because your boss has the power to prohibit you from applying for jobs elsewhere, they made that decision,” Axelsen said.

“As a result, you can just wait and see (as long as you can’t apply for jobs elsewhere.),” added the Danish player.

“How crazy that is. It’s already 2022. Is this what we want for our sport?” said Axelsen added.

Lee Zii Jia can actually still appeal the BAM sanction.

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The 23-year-old badminton player also has the opportunity to play by representing the federations of other countries.

However, Lee Zii Jia had to wait for a year or 12 months if he wanted to play with the flag of another country’s federation.

Because, Lee Zii Jia decided to resign from the Malaysian national training when his contract at BAM had not yet expired.

There is one other option that can be taken by Lee Zii Jia in order to participate in the BWF tournament in the near future.

The option is for Lee Zii Jia to reconcile with BAM. However, the chances of the third option happening are very small considering that the relationship between Lee Zii Jia and BAM is no longer harmonious.

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