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Veto gate “She remained an outcast and no one wanted to deal with me” .. Mona Farouk apologized for the scandalous video and threatened to commit suicide


03:46 am – Tuesday 18 February 2020

Actress Mona Farouk


Mahmoud Nabil

Actress Mona Farouk went out to his fans with a live video through her own account on the famous photo site “Instagram”, during which she apologized to the public for the scandalous video that spread to her a while ago, and she said: “I apologize to you that your cell saw an inappropriate need, we all mistake even if no one I don’t have a sin, but I will die. “

The young artist entered into a crying fit and said that she feels that she has become ostracized by everyone, following: “She remained ostracized and no one wanted to deal with me.”

She emphasized that she is considering suicide because of the people dealing with it in addition to the lack of a job opportunity, which is steady: “Before me a solution from the two, so that I know I live, oh either I do something wrong, or I die.”

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Mona added: “I remained Aisha dead and I am trying to be normal, but the intentions of a contract and I remained complicated by the people, the people remained to hate me, and I have a crisis of confidence in all people, no one wanted to help me.”

Mona ended her speech that she does not currently find work opportunities even if it is far from the field of representation, confirming that she wants to work on anything that is permissible, and she said, “I cannot live with money and always maintenance, the solution is that I commit suicide, and I think this will happen.”



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