Veronique Leysen and Thomas Vanderveken are expecting a third child


Veronique Leysen (35) announced the arrival of a third brother or sister herself on Instagram.

“A miracle has been cooking since 5 months. Otto and Isaï will get a baby brother or sister”, it sounds. It will therefore undoubtedly be busier at the Leysen-Vanderveken household, because in addition to being a mother of her sons Otto (4) and Isaï (1), Leysen is also an entrepreneur.

In addition to a busy household, Leysen also runs a clothing brand and a coffee bar. In addition, she has been studying interior architecture since last year. How does she manage not to go crazy with the crowds? “If there’s one thing you learn with kids at home, it’s letting go. let it go. I am very loose in their upbringing. I mostly let them do it and only try to intervene in dangerous situations. Let it go is also good advice for other domains. Sometimes I take it a little too literally. Like when it comes to tracking emails.”

Also enjoying small things is a philosophy she cherishes. “You can get happiness from small things. This is how I prepare myself every day. It’s a moment for myself that I really take. We have agreed that at home as well. Twenty minutes, where I choose how I fill it: take a bath, drink my coffee quietly. Allow yourself something to feel good. It works wonders. Because it is the first to die with a busy schedule.”

Yet she makes an important nuance in a busy life: “You can’t do everything and be good at everything. And that’s not a bad thing either. Like now: two children, a study and a partner who always works? Then you have to make choices, and sometimes dare to put something aside to pick it up again later.”

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