News Venezuela. Nicolás Maduro says it is "ready" to discuss...

Venezuela. Nicolás Maduro says it is “ready” to discuss with Donald Trump


The president venezuelan Nicolás Maduro has said “ready “ Monday to discuss with his american counterpart Donald Trump, after the latter has opened the door to a meeting between the two heads of State.

“If necessary, I am prepared to discuss respectfully with the president Donald Trump “said Maduro in an interview with the official news agency, venezuelan AVN broadcasted by the State television.

In an interview published Sunday by the news website, Axios, the american president has opened the door to a meeting with Nicolás Maduro, before saying the next day on Twitter that it would only be to negotiate “an initially peaceful power “ the venezuelan president.

Nicolás Maduro has not made an allusion to a tweet from Donald Trump.

“As I spoke with (Joe) BidenI could talk about with Trump “added the venezuelan president, in reference to a meeting he had had with the current democratic candidate for the White House when the latter was vice-president of the United States under Barack Obama.

Washington has been striving since the beginning of 2019 to push towards the exit Nicolás Maduro, whose re-election in 2018 is considered to be “fraudulent “ by the opposition and by a part of the international community.

The United States and fifty other countries have recognized the leader of the opposition, Juan Guaido as interim president.

According to Axios, during the interview, Mr. Trump has, however, hinted that he had not much confidence in Juan Guaido, explaining in particular that the recognition of its legitimacy by Washington had not “had a great significance, one way or another “.

The venezuelan president, whose power is subject to a battery of sanctions imposed by Washington, was indicted in march for “narcoterrorism “ by the american courts, with a premium of $ 15 million promised for his arrest.

At the same time, in the face of failure of their strategy to oust Maduro, supported by China and Russia, the United States has proposed a new “framework for a democratic transition,” in Venezuela, calling Mr. Guaido to step aside, pending a presidential election “free and fair “. A proposal immediately rejected by Caracas.



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