Vémola apologized to his friend. He is said to have nothing to do with parting

The Czech wrestler Karlos Vémola came up with another statement about the alleged infidelity of the fiancée Lely Ceterová. In a report published by the Fightlive.cz website, he even apologized to his friend Vít Kaiser, who was supposed to have an affair with his partner.

“In retrospect, Carlos Vémol is very sorry that Mr. Kaiser and his family, who have nothing to do with their divorce, were wrongly involved in their mutual partnership problems. Carlos personally contacted Mr. Kaiser today and expressed his sincere apology to him and his wife,“stands in the statement brought by the site Fightlive.cz through media representative Carlos Vémola Aleš Rataj.

Carlos Vémola’s friend himself also spoke for TN.cz. “He acted in affect and without verified information. Although our friendship is slightly broken now, we have told each other personally and I believe that we will be friends again as before.” stands in the text message sent by Vít Kaiser.

In the report, the Czech MMA wrestler also clearly objected to the information that he should physically attack his fiancée Lela Ceterová. “In any case, we fundamentally reject any allegations of a physical attack on Lela Ceter, which never took place.” it is written in the statement.

Vémola then also explained why he published a video on the instagram, where he talks about his partner’s infidelity. It was said to be a surge of emotions and the Czech fighter then wanted the fans to learn information from him rather than from the media. But he has already deleted the video.



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